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Freelancers have tough life...but money is the driven force for them


Freelancers have tough life…but money is the driven force for them. Do You Agree?


No, I can’t agree, because I know freelancers who don’t have a tough life (on the contrary!), and I also know of others who do it mainly, because they love what they do, and in their cases money is more of a reward rather than the main force that drives them.


I agree with what you’re saying. I quit my job in retail management to pursue freelancing and I only make about half of what I used to. I’m doing it because I love writing (and hated both retail and managing :P) I just want to make enough money to pay my bills and be able to write everyday.


First of all, I don’t worry about what other freelancers are doing in their business or personal life. I’d say for the most part Freelancers are the captain of their :motorboat: ship. Doing what they are passionate about, and getting paid at the same time. The driving force for me is staying focused, grounded & motivated to expand my brand.


Things are tough in every profession, this is not exclusive to freelancers :slight_smile:and it comes without guarantee that you’ll get (any) money when you start freelancing, it’s a job with great potential but the results depend.