Freelancers: How do you protect your eyes?


So, I’ve read a lot about the damaging effects of digital lights on your eyes, with phones and computers fingered as the biggest culprits. On a personal level, I’ve noticed that excessive focus on the computer screen makes my eye hurt and sometimes tear. I’m still considering getting a photochromic glass to shield my eye a little from its effect but was wondering what anyone else does for eye protection.

So here’s the question:

  1. Have you noticed any damaging effect on your eye as a result of excessive computer and phone usage?
  2. What measures have you taken to protect yourself?
  3. How effective has it been?

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Just use this:

Get it while its still free:


Just downloaded it. It feels weird on the eyes, maybe I’ll get used to it. Thanks.

By the way, how long have you been using it? How would you rate a before and after effect?


Fantastic. :thumbsup:
It does take a little getting used to, but keep it set on a timer so it gradually fades into the night light.

I don’t use it any more much since, my work involves working with colors, I have to have my monitor display the original shades.

If you read into its science, its basically reduction of blue light, which is always soothing for your eyes, especially the closer you get to sleeping time. Its function is to reduce :eye: fatigue.


Unfortunately I can’t use that, as it alters colors and I need color accuracy for video making. :frowning:

So I quit using contact lenses and got prescription glasses with a special filter on them that helps with computer monitors.


I started using it a couple of weeks ago and it took some getting used to and adjusting the settings but now I definitely see the benefit. I think it is especially effective for people who work with documents as the white background is particularly jarring on the eyes.


I always take a walk after I’m done working, to ease my mind, but also to ease my eyes. When going out, I force my eyes to look into the distance, which is not really possible if I stay indoors.

If the weather is particularly awful I stand in front of the window and count the cars passing by on the street that connects to my street.


I initially adopted that approach, but I’ve been wondering how much help that really gives. Hence my question. So, how does standing up and taking a walk or something of that nature eliminate the effect of screen light on your eyes? Is it just a sort of temporary relief (cos that’s what it feels like to me), or does it do some really good work of protecting the eye and stuff?


What setting do you use?

I sure agree with you on this one. Have you tried any other thing previously?

Thankfully mine doesn’t. But painfully that means much exposure to stinging bright white light. Wonder which is better, now that I think of it. :confused::unamused:


One of the main issues with screen work is that too much of the time you’re focusing on something that is too close to you. Going outside forces you to look at something that’s a bit further and it has numerous other benefits as well.

If the relieve is temporary, it might be better to take a couple of short walks instead of a long one at the end of the day.


That’s a fine one. Although I’m yet to see this “night time” functionality on most computer browsers. I use something similar on my phone browser, though.


^ That. I think it´s very important to relax your eyes by ‘looking into the distance’ and taking a walk (or a nap ;)), before/after/as a break whenever possible, I´d think is the best you can do for your eyes.

There are good yoga excercises for the eyes too, maybe google that and try it out.

I use f.lux since quite some time, not sure how much it helps, but it certainly doesn´t hurt, at least not with what I do.


I second that. Or, even better, yoga exercises for the eyes and the neck. 3 minutes total, or less.


The thing I noticed is that people forget to blink and look away from the screen. So I use eyeleo. Very helpful. You can also try this ones


As for the settings,
I can’t quite remember exactly, but you have the choice between when you want the transition to begin and also, what TEMPERATURE of color you would like to use, the warmest turns everything almost orange.

So feel free to tweak things to your desired settings.


My eyesight is weakening day by day as i have to do late night work and that too without the room light as because it disturbs my roommates…I like the software suggestion above but still cant use in designing…I do yoga and wash my eyes for 4-5 times for whole day…what other measure i can take to improve it?


Eye drops like “Visine”.

  1. You can get glasses with UV rays protective layer.
  2. Look at a distant object every 5 mins or so. This will make the eye accomodate and you will feel comfortable.
  3. Wash your eyes atleast 5 times a day.

These will surely help. :slight_smile:


This is cool. Thanks for sharing.


I am referring to the f.lux settings. I have actually got so used to it that I can basically tell what I need it to be depending on how it feels on my eyes initially!
The daily weather makes a huge difference as I can have sunshine streaming in my window or almost darkness at 4pm depending on the day so the automatic settings didn’t work for me. Just experiment with them and see what suits you.