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Freelancers reclassified as employees under AB5

The key question is, can you really be a freelancer without Lyft or Uber?

The taxi industry is the best example of this the world over. TAXI is one of the world’s most ubiquitously recognized words after Hello. CocaCola, and Pizza.

Taxi drivers themselves either own their own business or work for another firm. Now you have a situation where wherever Uber and Lyft go, they eradicate local taxi industries.

You might not want to be classified as an employee. However, the taxi driver you usurped the role of might see this as a lifeline.


I had a taxi driver pull a bottle of liquor out from under his seat as we were on the highway and offer it to me with one hand as he was driving fast in heavy traffic. Another one stole my Visa card number that I had paid with and ran up $800 in bills, although my credit card company immediately flagged it as suspicious. So now I’m wary of riding in a stranger’s car of any kind.
Where I live most taxi drivers are self employed.

I understand this. But making Rideshare Drivers Employees vs. Contractors only solves the Taxi drivers problem not the rideshare driver’s. While, yes, most people don’t do Uber/Lyft full time, there are those that do, and take it very seriously. I know I did. So, I would find it unfair, to say the least, that I would have to surrender my freedom, and essentially, my business, so that the Taxi driver can have his. That’s just role reversal. While you’d be putting taxi drivers back to work, you would be taking work from ridershare drivers. It would just be a perpetuation of the cycle.