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Freelancers Relief Fund (US Only)

As shutdowns to contain the spread of COVID-19 take place across the U.S., independent workers face potential short-term and long-term economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Freelancers work without traditional protections such as paid sick leave and unemployment insurance, and are at a disproportionate risk of financial hardship. At the same time, they make up one-third of the U.S. workforce and contribute more than $1 trillion to the country’s GDP. While we work toward securing government aid, freelancers’ bills are due now. Rent, groceries, utilities — for those who live gig-to-gig, these necessities are at risk.

The Freelancers Union is encouraging anyone who has the means to donate, especially freelance platforms and companies working with freelancers. The goal is to raise enough money to offer financial assistance of up to $1,000 per freelance household to cover lost income and essential expenses not covered by government relief programs. Any freelancer who is experiencing sudden hardship — illness, lost work, or caregiving responsibilities — as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic is eligible to apply for aid through the Fund.

We know this isn’t just affecting our community. It’s also impacting millions of freelancers who work on other platforms and operate offline. We want you to know we’re here to help, that’s why Fiverr and AND.CO are contributing to the Freelancers Relief Fund. 100% of the proceeds collected for the Freelancers Relief Fund will be distributed to freelancers in need. We wouldn’t be where we are today without our incredible community, and we’re here to offer support in any way we can during this difficult time.

If you want to learn more about the fund or are interested in donating, please visit the Freelancers Relief Fund website.


I want to know you create a new extention for this?


Thanks for good cause campaign.

I have just donated a bit of what fiverr enabled me to earn to support community fellows.

It is actually a very good feeling. :wink:

Wish there will be a lot of followers.


why it is limited to US only,
from the past 6 months I have dedicated to work on Fiverr and depends on freelance income which real low because of COVID-19, what about other ?


I am happy to hear that news!

Stay safe.

Stay home.

Stay strong.

Stay inspired!


The Freelancer’s Union is a US based organization.


Perks of being a First World Citizen :frowning:

Freelancer’s Union was started by American freelancers who wanted a union to represent them and find solutions for issues they had. Nothing to stop freelancers in other countries from doing similar.


This is a great campaign we should help to each other and support in a way we can. I’m very happy to see that there is a big humanity is waked up everywhere in the hearts of people I love you all, thank you for helping each other


Guys, We are like a big family. Please start a Relief Fund campaign for Non US based Freelancers as well. I’m not getting any orders from several days & my Fiverr account balance is really low right now.

I’m a seller here for more than 6 years now. I’ve already contacted your team several times & I want some help immediately :frowning:

Please check this: No sales at all, Maybe (COVID-19) is the reason? :(
And this: Support request #4103524


Here is my thought, Fiverr can try and reduce the pending clearance time to help sellers at this time.


I am sure that this is not an invitation to start begging money from fiverr or other sellers. That includes begging for better ranked gigs or anything else of a similar nature.
That’s a nice looking website they have. People in other countries can start the same thing.


That’s a good idea.
I agree.

Thar’s very good for people.
Great Job.
Please Be safe.
Thank you

I want to make a fund in my country Bangladesh. How can I do that? We are high at risk.

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You should ask local authorities how to establish transparent fund in your country in my opinion.

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I know another platform is working on that right now, but haven’t found a way to release funds in a more timely manner as of yet. I wonder if Fiverr might be working on a solution as well.

Agree~It must be done!

Not a “must”, demanding for things doesn’t do anybody any good.