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Freelancers who buy gigs are usually unfair


I always notice that freelancers who often buy gigs don’t either give review or they provide negative review. Maybe the reason behind this is professional jealousy. What’s your opinion?


I believe if a freelancer buys from you and re-sell your work for wayyyy much more $$ than they’ve paid you… then they will not like having the design they’ve sold as “theirs” in your live portfolio…
What you think?


I’ve purchased plenty of services from Fiverr myself and I always provide a positive review if the service is worth it.

Although freelancers might have slightly higher expectations because they know what the service is worth. For example, if you design a logo in Paint or steal it, then an average buyer might accept it, but a freelancer who has a background in graphic design will not.


Yeah that’s why I use the word professional jealousy…


That’s why you don’t have to use the words professional jealousy
Read again… :wink:


Be vigilant. Don’t proceed with an order knowing that the person on the other side won’t provide you with a fair review.


I agree your opinion to some extent but the point is the freelancer knows that he’s paying less then he should compromise on quality of work as well.


Ohh lol…:expressionless:


How do one can know that:confused:


It depends on gig description. For example, if a seller promises a logo in vector format (created in AI), then that’s exactly what I expect. Anything less than that won’t get a positive response no matter what the price is. However, if a seller tells me that for $5 I will get a logo created with Paint then I will accept it.

If you’re struggling with reviews then try to edit your gig description to ensure it meets customer expectations.You can also use FAQ’s to explain your service.


The reason behind this post is that today I received a 4.5 star review with a very good feedback + $5 tip.


If you suspect the buyer will leave a satisfactory review no matter the outcome - don’t proceed if you don’t want a 4.5 star review.


If the customer was happy with your service and gave you a tip, then you can ask if there was anything that they were not satisfied with. Assuming that it’s not obvious from their feedback and recent messages.
I highly doubt they left you a slightly lower rating out jealousy. :slight_smile:


I was expecting a 5 star review. So it was pretty disappointing.


Feedback can’t be revised I guess?


It might be because as freelancers we have a finely tuned ability to detect bullshoot. We go out of our way to give our clients the best every time, so when another seller serves us shoot on a shingle, we’d rather do the community a favor by leaving an honest yet negative review than to simply eat our shoot pie and find another freelancer to finish the job.