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Freelancers with Business Outside Fiverr - Have You Used the "Bring Your Own Business" Function?


I’m curious as to whether any other sellers have used Fiverr’s “Bring Your Own Business” (BYOB) platform.

The way it works is that if you have clients outside Fiverr, you can use this part of the platform to manage your orders etc. with them. There are several advantages:

  • You can centralize your orders in one place.
  • Clients pay up front, so there is a guarantee of rapid payment (for example, all of my regular, non-Fiverr clients are on “net 30-day” terms and are invoiced at the end of the month, so it can be up to 60 days for me to receive payment for work I have completed).
  • The 20% commission you pay on those orders is refunded to you, although that can take between 30 and 60 days.
  • Standardize requirements gathering, extras, etc.

But, in my mind, there are some pretty big drawbacks as well, which is the main reason I don’t use the platform, namely:

  • My prices on Fiverr are 20% higher than my off-platform prices, to cover the commission, hence how my gigs are priced. Unfortunately, that’s the price I have to provide to BYOB clients, unless I raise a custom offer for every single one. Needless to say, they are going to balk at paying 20% more.
  • If I want to get the commission refunded, my client has to use a special Fiverr referral link, or I don’t get it back.
  • All clients will still have to pay a 5% processing fee for payment and admin (this is a fee I normally absorb as a freelancer when taking payment).

The thing is, I like the idea of the BYOB platform, I just think it needs some tweaks before it is truly useful. In my mind, the changes that are needed would be:

  • Provide an option for the seller (rather than the buyer) to pay the 5% commission. As a seller, I don’t want to charge extra to my clients, and would rather absorb this cost myself, especially as I am essentially bringing them to a new platform. The cost is also less painful for me to pay as I assume Fiverr will be absorbing the 2.9% credit card cost that I normally incur.
  • To pay the 20% commission / referral fee more quickly than 30 - 60 days.
  • Let me create private, BYOB gigs that can be “discounted” by 20% to my off-platform prices.
  • Don’t require me to send special links to buyers so that I can get my commission refunded.

I am curious what your thoughts are on BYOB, whether you have used it or would consider using it, and if you have any comments. Thanks!

BYOB Can anyone explain?

Thanks for the summary. I heard about it, but I didn’t really see the value in it so I didn’t even try it.

Here’s why I don’t use it

  • I don’t need Fiverr’s platform to process orders. I know PayPal is not perfect, but it works for me. I can tie it to any of my plugins, payment is delivered almost instantly and I can either withdraw the money or use it to pay for the software licenses I use.
  • 5% processing fee is too much. I usually absorb transaction fees myself.
  • If I do the marketing and find the client, then why would I send them to a platform where they can easily find one of my competitors? Once I get the client to my website, I want them to make the payment right there.
  • Most of my clients are on a ratiner. Fiverr doesn’t offer subscription based payment model.
  • I don’t have to follow any Fiverr rules :stuck_out_tongue:


I hadn’t thought about the retainer aspect, but that would be an issue here as well. I also get your point about exposing buyers to competitors - that’s a big one!


Paul, I heeded to your advice that you gave me some time last year and started to provide my services off Fiverr. There, I find it easy and convenient to work with my clients and build trusting relationships. Payments is instant, and I can communicate with my clients via any channel they want.

Those are previledges you don’t find on Fiverr. So this BYOB thing is not idea for me. If anything, I may end up losing my longtime clients to competitors by bringing them here.


Fiverr doesn’t allow any seller to take out or contact a buyer out of this platform. So how can they add such kind of feature that will bring customers in from sellers own business?


I imagine it is for the convenience aspect that I mentioned above, but you can see the concerns I have too.


Maybe it will be helpful for someone who doesn’t have own payment gateway integrated. Otherwise, to merely keep all order in one place, seller will not do that.


I have clients that already have accounts with Fiverr. So if they use my BYOB link, will that be valid as a BYOB transaction?

BTW I didn’t know they used Fiverr, until they inform me for some reason.

Thanks :slight_smile:


I have no idea - that would be a question fo customer service.


Yep happened to me alot while I was marketing my gigs. They contacted me and confirmed sale, but once I give the link to Fiverr boom, they are gone. So


Thanks for this link, I had no idea it existed.


It doesn’t for most of us! :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh, I didn’t know that, I thought it was a general thing…


No - I think it’s possibly another beta test or something like that?

The Bring Your Own Business (BYOB) program is a new Fiverr initiative open to select sellers and offers a way to manage all your client projects, free of commission.


I got the original invitation to participate in November of last year, so it has been available for around six months - I wonder what the uptake has been…


You could always ask them? :slightly_smiling_face:

Them being Fiverr - sorry! :sunny:


I would love to be able to centralize all my projects, however, I was thinking of more the platform. Utilizing that software along with my current Fiverr business.
(A ‘white label’ solution would work for me)

I think it’s Fiverr’s way of promoting their platform to our clientele. If it were truly for the seller’s benefit, processing fees would be to a bare minimum and outside client actions shouldn’t interfere with regular Fiverr business.

Again, I love the ‘idea’ I just don’t think it’s developed enough.
By the way, I would love to use white label buttons/links for payments etc. and have it show in my account.


I thought it was Bring Your Own :champagne::clinking_glasses: Booze club kinda thing. Guess I was wrong. :sweat_smile:
Anyway, I have heard about this BYOB before, however, the reviews on it weren’t good. Hokey pokey and could use some improvements.

Sadly, looks like this program is only for the cool kids. (woh-woh)


Paul, this is the best article that I’ve seen written. So kudos to you sir.
I’m in agreement with you that there are pretty huge drawbacks BOYB in its current program structure:

  1. Sellers are exposing their clients to competitors (for that Fiverr should pay a true commission not refund a tax)

  2. Applying, tracking, separate dashboard… all extra work makes this inconvenient NOT convenient. Plus those BOYB revenues do not add to the current Seller stats, so those become skewed.

  3. Don’t you love the mixed metaphor here. A 20% Fee is what they charge a seller which many call a Tax. Now for bringing your clients to the Fiverr platform, they will waive the fee IF they qualify. A Fee refund is NOT a commission! LMAO. What they should do is give a true commission (Please take notes Product team): When a Seller brings a client to the platform via a custom offer BYOB LINK, tag them to that Seller. So let’s say that you Paul, bring one new client to the platform. Fiverr should tag them to your account. Whatever they order, you get a true commission. Many companies do this and it is called an Affiliate program. Refunding your taxes is not a commission. LOL. Gotta love the Marketing team!

  4. WHY penalize the new Buyer with a fee? Where is the incentive for the Buyer? Fiverr spends millions on marketing to grow the Buyer base. But now wants to nickel and dime a new Buyer into buying more and paying more for the same services that they have been purchasing? Again, pretty laughable. What if you incentivize the new Buyer. Tell them, for the next 30/60/90 days, you’re going to waive the 5% tax. BUT, Mr Buyer, if they bring a Friend or Family to the platform, you’ll waive their fee for each new buyer for another 30/60/90 days. This is like trying to tax someone into buying more. If that works, please inform the Government that taxes should increase to incentivize more spending.

So Paul, I sincerely appreciate you raising this issue to the forum. And regarding your last question, ‘NEVER’, would I consider using this program given its current structure. It does not make any business sense for anyone to use it. So glad you asked!


There is both a Fiverr affiliate system and a Fiverr Referral system which both give quite generous rewards by any standards. The Referral scheme gives you 20% of their first order up to $100.