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Freelancing and virus in Italy and in Europe

For any of you living in Italy or having business in Italy, so freelancers and freelancing in general: the virus slowed down anything online. I don’t know if it’s just a feeling but it’s what I see from my side. I can’t complain because virus obliged many to totally stop their business. Freelancers usually don’t have much expenses, so they can survive even in the worst situations. I have to say also that internet is used a lot more during this period, especially from gamers, and the slowing down of the connections impact also on our freelancers life. Your experience in Europe?


In Germany is even worse with the Internet, man!

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Portugal here. Being a freelancer online is great during the pandemic. Internet is rock solid, and you can keep working from home where the rest of the country goes on lockdown. There’s less business overall, but a lot of business turned online. It’s a net positive in my book. Just look at the performance of the work from home / freelance stocks since march. There’s a clear trend, the markets think it will be very positive for online freelancers.


I’m from Italy, hello!

I started freelancing in September, so I honestly don’t know how the situation was before the pandemic. I’m sure everything and everyone was affected, but when it comes to freelancing, yes maybe everything has slowed down, but at the same time there might be more opportunities? People are surely trying to open their small “online businesses” and need freelancers to help them.

But this is just my opinion!


Ok, let’s say that if more companies need to expand their online market and presence, probably there are many more opportunities for freelancers in general, but it’s not something sure. We are in front of a huge world changing situation and I have no idea what will happen in an year, or two or more. Unfortunately we don’t have stats to study. What I’m sure of is that internet is full of gamers and tv series binge watchers (which is not bad, I’m one of them as well :blush:). But internet structures should be improved for faster connections and to manage all these users online.


Hello, I am in the US. As a retired school teacher, I am thankful I can freelance online instead of being in a classroom. At my age, COVID could be not a good thing!


Health first of anything, of course. I totally agree. About our freelancing careers we’ll see what will happen in the next months.

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My earnings have gone down 20% since the beginning of the pandemic. At this point, it’s safe to say that. Quite a lot of my clients were event organizers (concerts, festivals, plays, parties and the rest of the stuff that is either forbidden or can be held but at a limited capacity now) so I expected to be hit hard.

The rest seems to be going as usual. Products are being released, movies are being produced, motivational posters are needed more that ever.

I’m in Ukraine mostly working with US/Canada buyers.

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Starting tomorrow new strict rules are back in force in my country, Croatia.

Gyms and everything will be closed until Christmas to try to save the medical staff from overloading.

I officially stopped working my 14 years job in March and started freelancing here on Fiverr in April. Lost a steady income. I hardly made anything in the first 3 months. Last month was great, this one not so much, I got around 12,5$ a day, and that is food money so I am not complaining.

I was supposed to go back to work in December with new courses (my part of education is practical so it can not be delivered over the internet, like sinking people in a helicopter into the sea and who comes outside gets a certificate (my favorite course), liferafts, lifeboat drills, first aid, paper chart navigation, boat handling, knots, etc…) but now everything is under a question mark because today they issued new rules but they forgot maritime training centers in the note. They only say language schools can not operate anymore.

From the bills, my electricity bill has doubled than usual so that is a problem I am facing too. being in the house all day is great but it was also great to use the university heating system and be in the office/classroom all day.

I never thought of using my designer skills as the main source of income, but more and more I am leaning towards that direction.

I am scared to only have Fiverr as a source of income so I am trying to establish something more substantial, but at this time still, the main focus is on Fiverr.

It gives me hope to read posts from 2014, 2016 by the same people I see today on the forum. It must mean that it is possible to survive on Fiverr and become successful. It is a learning process.

I just wished they did not close the gyms.


absolutely, Fiverr has the best designers and artists online and it’s growing fast. It’s not just a number, more and more quality customers are coming, and they want to pay a bit more if you provide an impressive service. I think there is no limit to learning and improving. In my field, music, there is so much to learn. You can specialise of course in a style, or an instrument, but you can learn also a second instrument, or a second or third style, and so on. After all these years of my career, I continue to study and I don’t want to stop.

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I am from Pakistan. And the Covid over here is once again back. We were down to having around 200 cases daily but now since the winter season is here, Cases have grown rapidly to 3700 per day. Lockdown is once again imposed. My sales were drastically decreased as my service is related to VIDEO marketing. Since many companies are closed, no company is hiring for marketing. Past three months are complete dead. This month i got total order of sum 8 USD only. Been looking for other suitable options and am struggling in that even. So i hope for the best. Prayers needed.

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I have started my journey here from September. I am from Bangladesh and average speed of the internet is satisfying…

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Ok, after a couple of weeks, I can tell you that freelancing is improving. Connections are being enhanced just anywhere, as this is one of the first goals of the Countries in this new pandemic situation. And there are more requests for freelancers in general. I’m sure the future is bright for freelancing. Said that, it’s obvious the virus must be eradicated. The virus is the worst thing happening to humanity in the last decades, so it’s our first enemy and must be eradicated totally. It’s good anyway, that freelancers can help companies (so they don’t close activity) in this difficult moment.


Months have passed. The virus, well… you know the situation, but anyway seems it’s improving. Freelancing is improving for sure! I think that Freelancers will have also important committments. Considering the difficult situation companies are facing, Freelancers are a kind of saving bridge. The structure of Freelancers worldwide will have this duty, to help during the next years while companies will rebuild.

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