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Freelancing career is very hard to lead

Fiver should have a minimum judgment for the seller. Order canceled by fiverr CS and got a warning. Completed order was in the modification request. Maybe buyer reported, Fiverr cs cancel order. !!

Now it’s a common problem. Buyers are using this method to get refund. Also adding a new problem paypal dispute.

Fiverr should have a seller friendly cancellation policy. Because seller lose everything hard work, times, money, harassment etc. Please rise your voice.

Very bad luck my. Rising fiverr profile. One or two bad buyers are enough to destroy everything. Freelancing career is very hard to lead.


No thank you. “Raising your voice” will only anger people. That’s not how you enact change.

This is only true of you are a brand new seller with few to no reviews. You, on the other hand, have 350 reviews. One or two negative reviews every once in a while, or one or two cancelled orders is NOT going to “destroy everything”. The over-dramatic claims like this that I keep seeing on the forums every day are over-the top, ridiculous, and untrue.

Of course it is. It’s supposed to be hard. If it was easy, you wouldn’t have the incentive to work hard to build your success. :wink:


Never once in five years have I had customer support cancel one of my orders at the buyer’s request.

If they cancel an order after a buyer complains there is always a good reason.

And I have had only about one Paypal dispute per year. I disagree that it’s a big problem, except for sellers who are not doing a good job on orders.


Amen! Well-said. :slight_smile: