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Freelancing in the post COVID19 era

Hello Community,
Hope you all will be doing great in your respective fields!
Today, the topic of my discussion is “Freelancing in the post COVID19 era”.
As I concluded from my last topic that, during COVID period following drammatical changes were observed in the life of freelancers;

  • Increased workload
  • Compitition multiplied
  • Increased adaoptibility of changing working environment

As we all know that vaccination has been started and in many areas lockdown situation is being lifted completely or partially.
What you think now? Will it not effect freelancers work, like;

  • Decrease in orders
  • Compitition dropdown
  • Other (anything else you feel will be changed)

Waiting for your brain storming replies. :slightly_smiling_face:
Best regards,
Jatindar Kumar


Hey welcome to fiverr community the work is slow due to pandamic no worry’s about it keep doing your work wish you good luck :relaxed::+1:


@parasmaknojia Thanks for the wishes.


I hope there will be hike in business after COVID. Even if the competition going higher, giving best to all you are doing makes you top seller.

From my experience,

  • Started in March
  • 12 months hard work - ZERO to HERO
  • Now I am a 5 month old Level 2 seller

Congrats nd happy to see your success :relaxed:

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Well It depends right :hushed:

Covid situation is going to normal day by day. Order might be decrease or increase that’s not the issue but competition will be dropdown… That is sure…

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Thanks for starting this topic.
Yes, you are right, In times of the pandemic, the increased workload and competition multiplied.
I got lots of projects and the start was beautiful. but after a few month’s letters, it’s going down. Because as a visual effects artist without shooting there is no work.
Hope after vaccination physical studios will open and competition will be down and shooting will be starting again.
Waiting for a huge load of work.
actually, it varies from category to category.
I just share my point of views of my category

Hopefully I will success within short time.

During covid-19 i began my cariar in Fiverr. But i haven’t received any order