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Freelancing is a rollercoaster ride, riht?

I am still kinda new here on Fiverr and to freelancing in general, 6 months of freelancing and 2 and a half months on Fiverr, so I’m not really used to this thing yet…

But Fiverr has been really good to me, I had a really busy 2 weeks this month and got a lot of orders from the end of may to June 15, and then a really slow 2 weeks, on sale on the 25 and one on the 26.

I was wondering if this is how things are for everyone, busy times followed by slow times.

I am busy elsewhere tough; got an ongoing transcription project going on and a large SQL translation, so I’m not that worried about it at the moment.

I really want to take some time to polish my gigs, mess around with keywords and SEO etc.

But I really don’t have time right now.

I wonder if spending too much time without sales may be bad for me, Fiverr wise I mean…

So, what do you guys think?

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Not necessarily. It’s not like you’re going to get demoted for that, but if you want more sales, then I would definitely make some changes.

Fiverr is full of surprises, for example, June was my first month with no refunds. Every client was happy with their delivery or asked for one revision, but nobody demanded a refund nor did I get a client that was so difficult I had no choice but to refund.

However, June has also been my least profitable month this year.


Oh yes, I plan to give my gigs some polish every couple of months and so on…

my question was if it is ok to just leave things to rest for a couple weeks and make the changes later, or if there will be negative consequences for being idle for a time, assuming I go a long time without sales that is.

as I said before, I am really busy right now.



The only negative consequences I can think of are no sales, and less traffic to your gigs. But that’s not a big deal. Not everyone wants to sell for $5, and selling for $5 doesn’t guarantee you’ll get sales. Also, some gigs have less demand than others but we keep them on because they made money.

I have 16 gigs, I would be really surprised if I was getting 16 sales a day. Last year, my record was 15 sales in one day, and that was a rare day. Back then 5 to 10 sales a day was more common, usually from 2 o 3 gigs.

Besides, if you’re really busy, there’s no need to make any changes. Change whatever you want once you’re less busy or need more sales.