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Freelancing is hard

After a successful year with a thunderstorm all of my achievement broken down. I was level 2 seller of Fiverr. Now resign up for a new ID and getting no sales. It’s really hard. I just closed my old ID there are some buyer activity that’s why I don’t want to close that officially but I stopped to take orders from that I’d cause I cannot withdraw the money from that I’d . In the 3rd world like Bangladesh it’s really hard to freelance. Now any one can help me to get some sales? I am really frustrated with fiverr’s payment system for us

Why do you have to close your old account. If you cant withdraw your cash with the old account… You can contact support team to reactivate it for you…

If you still have an old account and Fiverr didn’t specifically give you permission to create a new one, you are violating the Terms of Service. Before you get concerned with sales, can you clarify the situation? What bothers you about the payment system? Fiverr doesn’t stop you from withdrawing your earnings unless there is something wrong.

Actually I had an issue with Payoneer I cannot use that anymore and after adding a PayPal ,PayPal is not supported in my country. So there is no way to earn. I had that I’d cause I had bought many gigs and things there that’s why I don’t want to close the id

Is there will be any problem if I sle service with this ID and stop seller activity with that I’d?

You really shouldn’t do anything before you have contacted customer support yourself in order to clarify your intentions. All you have done by setting up a second account is risk having both accounts banned completely.

Also, if you are changing ID to resolve a payment issue, this won’t help. If Payoneer suspects you are the same person they have apparently restricted service to previously, you will only run into the same problems as you have before.

I already contacted with support and I will close that I’d after saving all my documents from that