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Freelancing is very stressful, Annoying buyer!

When we talk about freelancing on fiverr, first thing that comes to our mind is the freedom to choose projects we work on, where we work from, and work on our own schedule. Its hard to find a gap for word “stress” until you really get into it.

My today’s wonderful story. Because of change in weather I was not feeling very good for last few days. Fever, cold, headache and what not. Still, I was delivering all projects on time…everything was going good until that lovely buyer with a few easy changes came in.

So, I discussed everything with this guy in message, shared tons of work samples and finally he placed the order. After delivery, he requested modification and his very first line was “The video is good, but there are a few changes to make this video great as i know it can be”. Requested 5 changes. No issues. I replied, “I will send your updated video within 2 hours”. Everything was good.

Suddenly, god knows what happened to him. Most probably he found a better deal. After 15 minutes he said, “if you cannot make this video good please let me know now so i can cancel the order and not waste anymore of your time and my time and i can search for someone who can complete the task”

And then he went full-on crazy. Following are his messages:
“if the graphical changes are not complete and up to a premium standard that i am paying for then i will be forced to cancel the order and contact fiver in order to make sure i will not be charged for this. and i will then go to another animator”

“you did not produce the content. the video is terrible. will the revisions be as good quality as the whiteboard? or are you unable to do so? i will have to contact the support centre in order to cancel this order as i am not paying for this current video as it is terrible.”

“you cannot complete this task can you?”

I replied, “Initially you said “The video is good, but there are a few changes to make this video great as i know it can be.” and now you are saying completely different thing. As I mentioned earlier, we are more than happy to make the changes requested.”

And then he said, “i said it was good as i did not want to hurt your feelings but to be honest it is rubbish. i have paid previous sellers on fiver without a problem so fiver will understand that i need to be refunded. with the level of service you provided i do not think you are capable.”

lol…my feelings. You are literally crushing my feeling now but initially you were concerned. WoW!

I replied, “Samples of service we offer were shared with you before you placed order with us. Quality of video same as the samples we sent before. You may request changes within the scope of original order. Thanks!”

And then he said, “shall i cancel the order and you will refund it or shall i contact customer support and go through the long process and they will refund me. to save time i recommend me cancelling the order so that you no longer waste your time”

“please let me know right now”

“the quality of the samples are nothing compared to the rubbish that you sent to me so i will have to request a cancellation”

“show me the changes you have made. the stuff you have provided is rubbish and it is nothin compared to your samples, i do not want to work with you any further as you are false advertising and provide rubbish work!”

All this happened in approximately 30 minutes. Man you are throwing messages and expect to me change video at the same time.

I replied, "Calm down. We shall be happy and assure you to make the changes as per your suggestions. Give us some time to carry out. Please also let us know which our samples you are comparing with the current video. Characters/graphics could be replaced as per your wish, no issues. We have completed over 5000 projects and having awesome reviews. This could not be achieved by an artiste, who as per your contentions provide “false advertising and rubbish work”.

Meanwhile, within 1 hour from when all this started, I made the changes he initially requested and sent the updated video.

He said, “this updated version is still rubbish and i am not happy. what other changes are you going to make. i must tell you the honest truth incase you think that this is acceptable when it is totally unacceptable”

I replied, “We are glad to offer whatever graphic changes you require. Let us know the further modification needed to the video. We are working on an international platform and expected to be polite while dealing with each other. We are not here to ‘rob’ our buyers and serve them ,rubbish work’. It is our endeavor to be honest, deliver quality product to the buyer and we are committed to it. Hope, you understand our position and commitment. We again request you to let us know which of our sample videos, you are comparing with the current video.”

I asked him “We again request you to let us know which of our sample videos, you are comparing with the current video.” this at least 3-4 times. Not even replied once.

There was lot more mess…and looks like his “cancellation request” was not accepted by CS. Most probably they told him to work with me. He told me to recreate video.

He said, “change the entire graphical content and make a new storyboard”

“after you do this i may not call it rubbish and instead i may say it is good.”

I replied, “Thank You for getting back to us. Updating your video will take us anywhere between 6-24 hours”

He said, “i will need to see the changes well before 24hours incase anymore revisions need to be made as the support team at fiver will be sorting out the refund otherwise. ideally i will hear back from you in 6 hours”

I mean this guy can’t say a single good thing. He will be rude no matter what.

So, I delivered his video within 5 hours from when he sent his last message. Once again, waiting for him to call the delivered video a “rubbish”



I skipped to the end of your novel, and read the above quote. That pretty much summed up your entire post for me. :wink:


Could you send me the cliff notes?

lol…reading that is definitely not important. Just remind yourself of your worst experience. :slight_smile:


Try again and hope for a better result”.


I’m sorry this happened to you. Even if a buyer is unhappy, they can say it in a way that is kind and not rude.

I can’t say exactly what is going on with him. At first it does sound like he simply wants free work, but it’s possible he is genuinely upset about what he got.

At any rate, CS declined to give him a refund so you are right, he is wrong.

I know how upsetting this is for you and you have my sympathy.


Well you’ll be happy to know he (most likely) won’t be getting a refund. It’s in the terms of service that refunds wont be issued due to the quality of work delivered.

“It’s rubbish” won’t get him far with Customer Support :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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You don’t have a buyer problem. you have a complete lack of backbone problem.

If I had 4k+ reviews and someone dared speak to me like that, I would redeliver their order and advise them that due to their abusive manner, this would be their final revision and take a hike.

It is beyond me why you have subjected yourself to this and not yet clicked that the buyer is a scammer who is doing this on purpose to get work FOC.

Tell him to FOC off and when he’s gone, think about enrolling in some kind of reverse anger management class.


I am just trying to somehow make it work. Do not want to cancel because of our band new super awesome “evaluation” feature. Already cancelled 3 orders (2 placed by mistake, 1 guy sent work worth $8500 and paid $25) after 15 Jan. I am pretty sure this guy is going to leave a negative feedback.


I agree with cyaxrex. I would tell him I will do it within 24 hours, in spite of his demand for it in 6 hours. I would get very firm with him.

I’ve gotten good at giving people a tongue lashing without actually being rude. There is a way to put them in their place while remaining totally professional.


Not sure about that but I am sure that I am now officially qualified to get a job at “anger management” institutions. Simply showing my conversation will get me a job! :slight_smile:


Today I had my first buyer who seems to want to get his order for free.

he gave me a sketch to make a clean vector, exactly what I did.

Later he requested a refund (before asking any formal revision) saying he didn’t liked the design I deliver. In other words, he didn’t liked his design that he asked me to work, arguing that it was my fault.

Blamed me for not delivering some files (which I actually delivered officially). Said that it was not he had in mind, but never mentioned me what he had in mind.

And a lot of other ridiculous things.

I just reported him to support and asked them to take a closer look in this situation.

I dont mind getting a bad review, but I wont refund while I know 200% sure I delivered exactly what was requested to me.


In situations like this I make sure to keep pasting the following from TOS so that both the buyer and CS are reminded of the following:

“Orders are not eligible to be cancelled based on the quality of service/materials delivered by the seller if the service was rendered as described in the Gig page. Buyers may rate their experience with the seller on the order page, including the overall level of service quality received.”


That’s a great idea Mike. It does take some strength to remain strong enough to know you might get a bad review and still stand your ground.

Having excellent communication skills in a situation like this is the best thing you can have to resolve this mess in your favor.


Agree, but there are times when you have to do it. And by pasting it over and over in the thread, it reminds CS not to cancel, so they end up telling you both to “work it out”.

Then you tell the buyer no. You can review me poorly, but me and your money will laugh about it at the bar tonight. Which is delicious.


Update! This guy is back with modification…now he has all the problems in world with voice over which he himself selected out of multiple options I sent. Didn’t say a word about how updated product(video) looks. Oh man…what kind of person this guy is.


When they let you know they are unhappy you still have a chance to resolve it in your favor, rather than if it’s a surprise bad review.

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If he selected the VO and now has problems, you can sit back and say “what do you want to do?” Whatever he says, have a price ready for the fix. He can always hire me. LOL


So now he is being difficult with that? I feel so bad for you having to deal with him.

It is not often that a “LOL” actually occurs in real life from reading something but when it does, it is often from something you have said. I think it was how the “FOC off” part just came out of nowhere that particularly tickled me.