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French speakers : your opinion about a text sent by a seller?


I have a gig called “proofread your french text, advert, ebook or website”.
A new client sent me the text below and asked me to proofread it. Do you understand anything about this text? Would you accept to proofread this text ?

Mod Note: Text removed. It is unlikely that a client would like their material to be posted on the Forum.


I speak French pretty well having lived there for 7 years until 2002, and still speak it occasionally with french friends. I don’t read it so well so wouldn’t offer a proof reading nor translation service…i’ma musician. But…i can read it well enough to say that when i read the first two paragraphs of the text your posted, (before it was removed by the adjudicators) I couldn’t really make head nor tail of what was said. There were some phrases that seemed to make sense but the majority of it seemed to be google translate from French to Russian via Finnish, via English, back into French…so that it did not make sense.
I’d give the gig a miss if it were me