Frequent Requests for Free Revision?



I am confused about the revision system? All of my gigs either do not offer revisions at all (fortune telling gigs; revising them would make no sense and serve no purpose), or a revision is available at $5 (for spell-casting gigs, if the person feels I have not cast the correct spell to order specifications; this has never actually happened). However, I have two buyers who inevitably make multiple demands for revision each time they order. Re-delivery does not earn the additional $5. Such demands are even accepted on gigs which do not have revision available. What is going on?

I should specify that in both cases, neither buyer has actually wanted revision work done. They make a revision request but only write comments in, or ask a question. This could be done by messaging me - I do communicate reliably with buyers after the spells or divinations are finished, often for months afterwards as follow up. Is there some way to prevent free requests for revision?

Short Answer



Well…very well then! :slight_smile:

It is really not too troublesome. No one is asking for a lot of extra work. I was just concerned if someone did expect a complete revision, which would require the purchase of duplicate materials, I would make no profit and even be paying for it myself.


They might be cheapskates trying to get free work, more spells, etc. Just read what they write, if they write “I don’t like it” you can write back “why?” Good buyers are specific.


Politely inform them that the Request Modification button is to be used only if they want a revision (for gigs where you offer a revision), that repeatedly clicking on that button can be considered abuse (as in, requesting something that you don’t offer), and that they can simply message you on the order page or via the inbox if they want to ask you something.


Apart of explaining the seller, you can’t do anything. Revision request system is broken.