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Fresh Buyer Requests?


Hello, Any one knows how to get really really fresh buyer requests?


What does “really really fresh” mean to you?


I mean, older than a minute or an hour may be…


Older then a minute or an hour? But all of them are older than a minute and an hour… I still don’t understand…

Not to mention that “older” has nothing to do with “fresh”…

Maybe you meant really really older? :thinking:


No, when we see on buyer requests, all has 20-30 offers. Hard to find requests under 5 offers


Maybe you don’t refresh the page fast enough :stuck_out_tongue: However, I would avoid refreshing once a second or a few seconds (or faster than a second), as it will trigger suspicious activity.


i tried using F5 key



What a question ? :frowning:


Alright bro! Got you!
In your words, if you want fresh buyer’s request you should keep visiting buyers request frequently…may be 10-20 times a day and nigh!
Also try to know what country buyers interested more in service you provide, try visiting buyers request in their time zone…!
Try using different tags in your gig so you will find more buyers request in there!