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Hi Everyone,

I am just sign up in Fiverr as per one of my friend just told me about it but he also don’t know how to access it. I just read all criteria and post a gig for a job but I have a question on my mind that I have experience on Virtual Assistant, Customer Care as Inbound Call, Phone support. On that case if i am going to start for anyone it can’t be a short term job which will be just like 5 to 6 hours minimum in basis as what i have done it before. So how i am going to make the bill or invoice for my buyer?

Please help me out, i just open a gig which is in pending for approval.

Please confirm by return with my question. I really need help on it from Old Fiverr Freelancer who’s are working everyday by Fiverr.

Just start with basic service…

like $5 for per 30 minutes or 1 hours.

you do not need to make bill or invoice.

when buyer want to use your service.

they will place order on your gig.

then time will start on your gig order page.

when you complete the order…

buyer will mark the order as completed order.

there is no place to provide bill in fiverr.

but if buyer want so you can print your own bill book.

and make bill and send to buyer a scan copy of bill in JPG or PDF format.

they will download your bill.


Dev Praks

Hi fuadmemories.

When a buyer search in for any service and get the list, then the buyer selects the gig which come top of them. It means your income depends on selling your gig.

Promote your gig as if your gig can be at the top of search engine.