Fresh New Look & Features For Music & Audio Category


If you haven’t seen it yet, Fiverr’s Music & Audio category has been improved with some new features and sub-categories.

Here are the new sub-categories:

We'd love your feedback on these new features:

  • Are the meta description & category names clear?

  • If you have Gigs in Music & Audio, did you update the sub-categories?

  • Are there any services you think are missing?

  • Any new features requests?


I think that a missing element in the music category is a requirement that sellers offering music files as “royalty free” music should be compelled to state whether or not they are the actual composer, or otherwise be VERY clear about how they have the right to grant you such use.

Too many sellers are offering packages of music files they say are “royalty free” or even “copyright free” without any support for that claim or method for how the buyer can be assured that the purported “rights-to-use” are real.

As with other seller categories, some are just selling things they found on the internet without atribution, or reselling things they have been TOLD were PLR (legal to re-sell) but can’t or won’t prove that.


yes i have gigs. and i update my gigs on this Category. my gig are not showing any where i get no order :frowning: please update my gigs in this Category and show on


I have gigs in the category and I would like to be able to select more than just one language. Many sellers are offering voice over services in multiple languages therefor being able to select up to 3 languages would be helpful. Also can you ad “Neutral” to the accent category?

Overall I find the meta description clear. I have already updated the sub categories :slight_smile:


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  1. I suggest you remove the “Genre” drop down list for now. It might tend to draw away from buyer who might think that is the only genre options they can choose from, UNLESS you add more genre to the list, it is very limited within 7 types at this time.




Nice to see you working on the Music and Audio categories. It still needs allot of work in regards to categories and features, I.E. “Background Music” is still missing, but it’s getting there.

More importantly though it would be nice if fiverr would clean up all the illegal reselling in this category. It would make it so much more fair to those of us who actually “create” and “own” the rights to sell our sound fx or music files).

Therefore I must agree with artemist regarding Fiverr sellers reselling music and sound products (sound fx, drum beats, loops, music, etc) that are pretty much breaking every legal law in existence.

I might as well offer a copy of my Bob Marley CD collections that I burned on CDROM for $5 bucks ?

But seriously, I wouldn’t be surprised if sellers are reselling our sounds as well. (yes we do create our own). I understand the business model of the more the merrier = more income for fiverr, but allowing sellers to offer material that can get them, and the end user in allot of trouble, (including fiverr) is not a good idea.

PLEASE set up a system that asks all audio music sellers to supply proof of legal rights for their products. There is absolutely NO WAY that a real artist / producer would be willing to sell his/her 1000 or 5000 or more sound creations of his hard work for only 5$ bucks, unless the hard work was clicking “download here” from a black hat site.


But how does anyone supply proof of such legal rights? I’ve written a ton of music but there’s no way to prove that I’m the composer. Copyright is just something that automatically exists, without the need to register the work with anyone.


I’m guessing this thread has now gone way beyond the actual topic of kashmias’s original post regarding new features.

Hollie Sue, as a pro, you are aware that there are performings rights organizations in existence where professional songwriters/composers belong to. In the USA it’s BMI, ASCAP and SESAC. Unfortunately a very large percentage of musicians never really bother to register and belong to any of these.

My company is registered as a professional music publisher in which we register original songs and productions.

For products such as sound fx, etc, it’s also very easy to prove the creation or publishing dates.

It would be great if Fiverr added a section for actual verified music “professionals”, because the way it stands right now, anyone can upload music files (legit or not) and sell them.

Don’t even get me started on the so called “mastering services” where a gig posts a picture of a huge studio mixing board. Downloading a free version of audacity, and raising the volume of a customers song to distortion is not necessarily mastering kids.