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Hello, I’m new here. I’m currently donating all proceeds I make to a charity that is close to my heart. Any tips and tricks would be great.


Why do not you help us who are now passing a strong situation in Venezuela?

That’s awesome!
I checked out your gig. I’m not much into tarot and things like that, but would actually consider purchasing, since it’s going to a good cause.
Do you provide proof that the proceeds will be donated to the charity?


I’m running an Instagram under the same name with a link my charity page. I will be glad to give everyone proof once I donate the funds earned. I figured I would donate proceeds at the end of each week depending on how much is earned. I know it’s hard to trust others, but cancer research is something I’m passionate about raising money for.

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Welcome to Fiverr! I think what you’re doing is awesome!:tulip:

Welcome to Fiverr, will definitely be ordering since its for charity. Good luck!

Thank you, I’m coming up with other ideas I can offer too!