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Fresh off the boat

At least, a virtual boat…

Anyway, hello! My name is Kayleigh, from the UK and new to Fiverr!

For now, I am just focusing on my Photoshop skills on Fiverr. An important part of this is for me to build up my confidence and work with other people. I always manage to convince myself I’m not ready or back down, but I figure it’s time that I just do it and take on the challenge!

I’m really excited to meet other people on here and make my first sale :slight_smile:


Welcome, Kayleigh. You will fare well here providing that you are prepared to embrace insomnia as part of yourself now. Also, the forum does lack a strong British presence occasionally. This being the case, moor your virtual boat and let us welcome you with a pitcher of Nescafe. - Or tea, or Jagermeister. We accept all personal beverage preferences here, providing that you adhere by the strict forum BYOB rule.

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Welcome Kayle :slight_smile:

Hello Kayleigh!
Welcome to Fiverr :smiley:
Wish you a lot of luck and first sale asap :smiley: :slight_smile:

Welcome to Fiverr. Best wishes for your success! :slightly_smiling_face:

Haha, fortunately insomnia and I are old friends :wink: Jagermeister will do just fine I think!!

Thank you all for the welcomes :smile:

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Welcome kayleighregan :rose:

Welcome kayleighregan

Thank you guys, nice to meet you :slight_smile:

Hello Kayleigh, welcome to the Fiverr community! :bouquet:

nice to meet you on this forum , I am a Nigeria ,am but am honest, do not fear about Nigeria again. there is still a good people among u, it is not all of us are wicked. My name are oke francis Olaoluwa Matthew. I am paramount to design art work on Corel draw X3 which is the latest software for design a colour post company logos. i have been worked for many business centre in my country. If you wish to know more about this prog. if you ask interested . I am available.

Hi Kayleigh! I’m brand new on Fiverr, too!
Best of luck!