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Fresh seller here, need Gig review

Hello to the Fiverr community!

I’m a new seller here on Fiverr and I need help from you guys and girls. Any advice on things I can do to my profile to improve my Gig would be awesome and greatly appreciated.

Buyers seem interested at first but drop at the last minute, what am I doing wrong?

Thanks for taking the time, everybody!



Please…Don’t Market here. you will be marketing your gig in social media. Here people come for sharing their experience using Fiverr. you will be ban from the Fiverr community if Fiverr community sees this kind of activity.

Wish you good luck!

Thank you ( @digiartz5 )

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Isn’t this Improve my Gig? I honestly wasn’t here to market, that isn’t my intention. I’m only looking for feedback to improve my profile.

If this isn’t the forum for that, where can I find it? And is posting links prohibited?



I really love your gig. Your post is quite vague, do buyers contact you? Discuss their projects and then they drop? Please confirm if I grasped your problem correctly so that I can answer accordingly.

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So listen. Your stuff is amazing. There are always window shoppers.
Stop worrying about it and go relax. It might take a week or two or three but eventually, people will pick up on it.

Quality over quantity.

For instance, I have one gig for website reviews. I have only had one buyer in like 3 months or so.
And that’s fine. Nevermind the fact that this is what I do professionaly for some of the largest corporations in the world (Kodak, Pepsi, Walmart etc.), when the right person comes along that truly wants a professional website review, then they will hire my gig.

Same with you, when a person truly wants professional artwork, they will hire you :slight_smile:


Well, you definitely have a lot of talent. Your Gig looks professional. Just have patience, and what @shirtcash said, quality over quantity! I’m sure the buyers will come to you.


I never encountered a window shopper, whoa they exist on Fiverr as well??? :joy:

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heh, everyday I get about 50 messages asking me for a free website review and then they will pay me if it’s a good review.

Window shoppers. Yep.

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