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Fresh Thread for User-Created Polls that you Hope Staff Will See 🙀❓👁

Currently we have to clutter our instructions form with fields relating to Extras that require additional info, just in case they get purchased, which usually ends up in having either incomplete or too much info.

Do you think Fiverr should introduce EXTRA-specific Instruction Fields that will show up only when purchasing specific Extras and hide otherwise?

  •  YES - this way a buyer purchasing an Extra will see the additional instruction field, whereas a buyer who didn’t purchase it won’t see any unneeded fields to fill out regardless of what they purchased
  •  NO - I think it’s good as it is, I don’t mind cluttering my instruction form
  •  NEUTRAL - I don’t have Extras, my Extras don’t require additional info, or I simply don’t care

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There have been complaints about the maximum total file size (150 MB)/single file size delivery delivery limit.

Would you like Fiverr’s 150 MB total delivery limit and/or the max individual file size delivery limit to be increased?

  • Yes I would like the maximum total delivery file size (150 MB) to be increased and/or individual file size limit increased
  • No I would like the delivery file size limits to stay as they are
  • Other

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To add a poll to a post, click the options icon (the roundish icon to the right of the smiley face) in the post editor window and click “Build Poll”, making sure you are at the start of a line when you build it (or edit the code it puts into the post to make it start at the start of a line).

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Thanks everyone! The first set of polls look great and have been shared with others. I’ll try to keep doing that now and then (perhaps with help from other mods - hint hint.)


I’d like buyer’s request to have a level function. When I post a request, I would like the option to choose level 0, 1, 2, TRS, Pro. The sellers should also have option to filter for buyers as well, using same function.

B.R. is or can be useful but lately all I’m getting is 39 canned responses or the “I do for you” offers. I’ve noticed most of the canned or horrible (to put it mildly) are from certain levels.

I believe this will enhance the buyer experience for better quality bids and more qualified sellers will start to look at BR.

    • Buyers should have the option to choose the seller level when posting request.
    • Leave the Buyer’s Request as is, otherwise newbies will not get any work

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    • Sellers should have an option to filter B.R. for specific level
    • Leave as is otherwise the number of request for newbies will decrease & make it hard for them to succeed

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If the above filter is implemented, if the buyer chooses level 2 & above, the lowest minimum bid should be U.S. dollar at $10 in order to help filter genuine buyers.

    • It should start with minimum bid of $10
    • Leave as is or $5 starting is fine

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Last one, before posting on B. R. a question should pop up that ask, “Are you a buyer or seller?” If seller is chosen, it should automatically deny from posting.

    • Yes
    • No

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Do you think buyers should be able to leave custom tips such as $1…$2…$3

The current system allows a min. tip of $5. Do you think Fiverr should change it?

  • Yes - I believe buyers would leave tips more often
  • No - I rather get a reasonable tip or no tip at all

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Thanks Woofy for highlighting this, but @fonthaunt what happens to the current polls?
This one has 270 voters and counting, do we need to start all over again? I don’t think there’s a single poll that has so many votes.

I would like to think that it won’t be ignored due to some technicality such as anonymity or how the question was worded.

I do appreciate that moderators are trying to take our feedback to Fiverr staff, but I would like to see some kind of acknowledgement from Fiverr staff that there’s a point to this. I mean 270 voters, shouldn’t it be enough to get some kind of response from them. @miiila has contacted their support multiple times and received only template answers. Months ago they asked for topics to discuss in Fiverr podcast and it was one of them. We submitted it on time and everything, yet there’s no podcast.

I hate when people just complain without taking action so I don’t want to discourage this initiative, but don’t we deserve a response to the “Buyer requests” poll with 270 voters first to motivate us :slight_smile:

PS. I did vote on all these polls to make a contribution because I like having all the polls in one location. It would improve the visibility and it’s probably easier to collect the data, but I think regarding “Buyer requests” we have done enough to avoid collecting new data all over again :wink:


I don’t typically get a response when I forward things of this type. I agree with many of your points but can’t do much about them. I used to send poll info by digging up individual ones (like BR) but I don’t have time to keep up with them so I made this.

Unfortunately as to what should happen in response is out of my control. Participation is always optional, but as a casual and cautious optimist, I’ll try to keep sending them. :slight_smile:


This is exactly why it’s so frustrating. They don’t even bother to reply back to people who look after their community :disappointed:

OT or not so OT but no poll

I have a ‘meta-suggestion’ - seeing how often some suggestions come up, it might be rather useful if staff who look through the suggestions, as well the bug thread, would ‘leave a sign’ on the suggestions and bugs threads they took note of (and may be are working on already or have already on their To-Do list or have thought about and it´s clear it won´t be implemented/solved for the time being), like a mod note, or even make a sticky with lists, so it would be clear that there is no sense to suggest/report the bug again. Some people still would open yet another thread on the same thing, of course, but if it was visible enough, probably not so many.


Will Fiverr see our polls?

  • Yes
  • No

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I aaaaaagreee!!!

Yeah I can see that, you sound strongly agreed…

:laughing:I’m just passionate about my opinions! Hahaha


What’s going on Avri? I thought you had a poll up?

All good thank you! It’s back on

Clarify “they” are you talking about Fiverr Staff, Gnomes, Elves?
People need to know what they’re voting for.


Fiverr i meant Yes…

I think at least a few staff members will see the thread and probably read some of it. It can’t hurt. Perhaps one reason that we don’t often get a response is that the single staff members who pop in may not be authorized to respond for all of Fiverr. Still, if they see the polls and find any of them interesting, they might bring them up to other people on staff. Keep on keeping on! :slight_smile:

  • There is need option of select custom amount/enter amount while withdrawing funds!
  • There is no need for this feature!

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While withdrawing funds it will be great if there’s a option of select custom amount or enter amount that you need to withdraw

Just like if i have $500 cleared in my account and i need only $250 to withdraw :slight_smile: So it will be help full for sellers to manage there revenue :slight_smile:

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