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Hi everyone, This is Rubel. I have recently started my Fiverr journey. It has been just a week. As a new seller, it is my request to all of you to help me and assist me with what shoulD I follow to get sales. I am really happy to be a part of Fiverr. So give me Tips for those who have long experiences.


Our job is not to help you get sales. We can give you tips, but we’re not going to advertise for you.


Exactly you don’t need to help to get me sales or don’t need to advertise for me, you do your own job and give me tips if you can that’s what I am looking for. slight_smile:


My Tip: don’t go asking for tips (esp if your name suggests you’re already a Pro at this).

There is a whole forum here that you can learn from by reading widely (8 mins is not enough). Sitting and waiting for people to tell you what to do, is a guaranteed fail - for you. If you have a specific issue, you can ask about that - so long as it is not: How do I get sales fast/easy/with no effort?

Getting snarky with people who give you the good advice you asked for is also a fail :wink:



Welcome to fiverr forum

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thank u so much,appreciate that

many many thanks to you.

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welcome to fiver forum family.

All right, I was trying to be nicer, but sass must meet sass in the end. Here I go!


I just did it to em… We need to tag that link every time someone advertises themselves.

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congratulation to you on your new journey and try to invest time in the Fiverr forum as it will help you enrich your knowledge and that can be helpful to improve your performance in Fiverr besides please keep patience dedicated to your journey which will bring success in your life.

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welcome brother. :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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WELCOME to Fiverr Forum. Wishes you will be successful in your life. HAPPY JOURNEY.


Thank you so much for your valuable tips.

You are really great.Thanks for your support.

Thanks, @jannatulekrama sister.

Welcome to fiverr forum


Thanks a lot for your long words. @damooch916