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Fresher of fiverr

I have already started my freelancing career in the Fiverr market place.
already, everyday 50+ buyer request comes to me. but 70 + request I replied, and 2 buyers knocked me but very unfortunately for my faults I did not achieve any order.
Recent I reply most of the request, which works I can perfectly, from those projects cant Found order.
what can I do in this situation, please?

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Hi, I had my first order in exactly 2 months after I started. I guess I was lucky because I did nothing but wait, and I somehow got it. Your gigs’ images look kinda old styled, not like the other new stylish modern gigs. Better update them. I hope you get your first order faster than me. If you want to get some orders faster, here is what I, considering myself a successful seller, do and I recommend you to do too:

If you don’t get any orders soon, update your Gig in every 2 weeks until you get an order. Add better, modern-looking images and video if possible. If they are already good enough, then you can add some SEO (search engine optimization), so you get in front of other gigs when someone searches for your service in the search bar:

Make sure your tags are what people will search in the search bar. Then:

  1. Use tags all separated, no two words in one tag. Try to use synonyms instead of 2-worded tags. This is what I use:

  2. Use your tags in your title:

  3. Use more of your tags in your description, without making them way too many (I tried my best to add as many tags as possible without making it too much.):

Once you edit a gig, it may disappear from the search for about 24 hours, but you have a chance to get it in front of other gigs once it appears again. If your gig becomes viral (receives a lot of orders), NEVER edit your gig, as it may go back in the search results page.

Apply for buyer requests, they may bring someone to you. If there are no buyer requests, stay online more, and refresh the page more often. If you tried to send proposals and never succeed, here are some tips on how to make your offers work:

A common problem to new members like you is that they don’t get any buyers. Here are a few reasons:

• There are a lot of gigs offering the same services as yours
• There have better advertisement
• You are not active on Fiverr
â—‹ Covid-19 (Corona Virus)

Here are finally some more of my favorite, (probably the best), tips on the forum I really

If you still have any questions, instead of asking, you could just type it in the search bar of the forum. There will probably be someone else who asked the same question before you.

Thank You So much****