Friday & Chico: Send a few Prayers our way (Plz)


As a few people here know, I’m not actually a sole freelancer on Fiverr. This is because I have my ‘wee man’ Chico, the best Chihuahua in the world doing everything with me.

As for how much I love Chico, that kind of thing is impossible to measure. He’s been with me through thick and thin over quite a few years now and all I can say is that although he is small and simple, he to me is the greatest celebration of my life so far.

Anyway, I found out last month that what I thought was a wart on his elbow was actually a nasty kind of dog cancer, one which might explain a few other symptoms which he has had over the past few months.

Now, just to be clear, I do not want money from people or suggestions in regard as to what might be right for my dog. I would spend every cent that I have in the bank just to spend five more minutes with Chico (as long as he himself would be comfortable with that last five minutes).

On Friday, however, we will find out if the growth which we had removed has actually spread. In this case, if you kind of know us from the forum, please keep your fingers crossed for us. We can’t give you anything in return, but as far as I’m concerned, every bit of positivity matters!


We’ll be thinking of you.


Thanks! (Twenty characters)


Your dog is strong dude, he’ll be OK.
Keep him feeling that you love him, is the best medicine :+1:


That must be very hard to go through.
We’re thinking of you and hopefully Chico will get better.


Oh, no! I’m so sorry to read about the heartbreaking news. :cry:

The sentiments and pics you shared of your better half :dog2: Chico, was touching. Don’t give up, the little guy still has life, he loves you. Let us know how it goes on Friday, there’s no doubt that you care deeply for Chico. I know you will continue to shower him with lots-O-love and hugs. :yellow_heart:


Wishing him and you all the best for Friday.


Someone could make a movie on this.
I don’t pray often but if I do I’ll offer a prayer for you. Chico will get better. In most cases, it’s just doctors trying to make more money.


Best of luck. We are rooting for you little wee man, hang in there and keep us posted. :four_leaf_clover:


Stay strong…


Don’t worry! He will be all right. I will also start praying for him, 5 times a day, from now on. It’s Ramadan, so our prayers will surely be heard. Stay strong! And wish you all the best!


Keep calm you got this.

My 10yo Cookie is filled with warts, tenths of them, and this happens for several years and she's still with us :) She does rip them apart and the next day more appear on her skin, under her skin.. white, reddish and black ones.. she's not always feeling like herself anymore, especially with her hip dysplasia on top of those, BUT!

Here’s the bright side: she has some AWESOME days when she feels young again, seems to love her life so much, and us loving her makes her want to still stay with us really badly!! So show Chico your true unconditioned love and attention, and he’ll feel so much better inside even if sometimes it may not look like it on the outside.

I wholeheartedly keep my fingers crossed for Chico! Sending all my love as well!!


@Woofy31 Speaking of old dogs, you might have read Enzo (the Art of Dancing In the Rain) novel by Garth Stein? It´s a tear jerker. :cry:


Buying it as we speak! I just read the first sentence of the book description, and I was sold!


@Woofy31 You would want to read it again and again :slight_smile:


Just read the book description and the reviews…sounds like a great book, but seems like a tear jerker, PM me what happens in the end, if it’s a sad end and the dog dies or gets separated from the owner, that book is not for me.


I have a chihuahua and I would be absolutely heartbroken if anything happened to him.
I send you all my prayers and blessings to your way!


I ll pray for Chico at iftaar time, that’s the best time to pray in Ramadan.I ll also ask my mama to pray.


Wishing Chico get well soon. I found the dog in video somewhat reminded me of Chico. :cry: