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No buyers request :lipstick::walking_man::running_man::two_women_holding_hands::two_men_holding_hands::family_man_woman_boy::couple::nail_care::footprints:

do no worry just do hard work dear

check again please there are many requests.

Like the emojis, you added. Maybe it’s a good time to paint your :nail_care:t4: nails or get a foot massage or something.

My friend is visiting me from the states and I’ve been showing her around for 5 days straight. As much as I love her company, I am a bit tired…foot massage sounds like a lovely idea…


A day of pampering should do the trick. :stuck_out_tongue:

A friend admirer of mine gave me a voucher to get a massage.
So, I’m going to get one this weekend! :upside_down_face:

Ohhh yes, she’s leaving on Monday, so once I take her to the airport I’m going straight to the massage clinic after that!
I wanted her to enjoy the full experience so I was showing her around in my kimono, and she really liked it so I have no regrets…it’s just that it ain’t the most mobile and comfortable outfit.

Lucky you though, enjoy your massage!!


Aw, you seem like a really sweet, funny as hell & cool friend. :sunglasses:
I :heart: kimonos they so beautiful, I bet you look cute, too. :heart_eyes:

Thank you, I will! :wink:

Use right tags in your gigs as in buyer request specific tags are used to search
Choose right tags and you will get buyers request if any

Thank you