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Friend 5$ that i should get after he buy with over 10$



I’ve invited a friend to fiverr and he bought with 2 gigs for over 10$, it said that i should receive 5$ for it but i didnt get anything and it didnt send me a message…

How can i get it? because i would like to perches another gig.


Have a nice day.


When a gig is purchased and you delivered the work, the money has to go through a clearance period first. You can check the “revenues” screen in your account for that. Generally it takes 14 days for money to be cleared after the gig has been marked complete.


Deliver gig -> Gig goes “completed” -> Fund clearance (14 days) -> Money in your account



I didnt sell anything…

When i invite people to Fiverr and they buy 2 gigs I need to receive 5$… and i didnt receive.

I want to understand why…



When you complete a Gig, you delivered the order.

After delivering it, the buyer accepts it - if not, the timer will run for 3 days.

After 3 days, the order is marked complete.

Once the order is complete, it takes 14 days for the money to clear.

Once the money is cleared, you can withdraw it.

People pay 5$, and Fiverr takes 1$, so you get 4$ in the end.

Is that more clear?

If someone ordered, but you got no confirmation or work details, it means something went wrong. Go into the order and press the “nudge” button. Fiverr will ask the buyer for his information.


Reply to @laughingcrow: I think he read somewhere about Affiliate on fiverr even fiverr doesnt support that, and he think he will get money if he invite someone to fiverr


Reply to @arty182925: Really? Yeah I didn’t consider that since Fiverr specifically restricts itself to in-site business only. Never thought they may or may not have some “bring a friend, earn money” program…

And especially not getting part of their revenue, no.


Reply to @laughingcrow: I think I read somewhere before here on forum, someone asked about Affillate program on fiverr and they said fiverr doesnt support that. I guess this guy read about affillate for fiverr somewhere and wanted free money lol


Reply to @oramitor: Fiverr doesn’t give funds to you for referrals. They do not have an affiliate program. You need to go to whatever website or person that told you this. I assure you, it wasn’t Fiverr.

And think about it: why would Fiverr give you $5 for a $10 order, in which Fiverr only earns $2 (because the other $8 goes to the seller)?


I think there are some fiverr looking sites that offer affiliate programs. Not fiverr.


Hello everyone and thanks for the help,

To make things clear:

*when i made an order, it said that if i reffer a friend he will get a free gig and if he make an order over 10$ i will get a 5$…

My friend already received the free gig and he made 2 orders and now i didnt get my 5$.

I read it clear and it was from fiverr… i just didnt get waht i should have gotten.

What can i do?


Reply to @oramitor: If what you say is true, that is an offer made by the seller from which you bought the first Gig, nothing from Fiverr. If that person is willing to honor that promise, he’d have to order one of your Gigs for 5$ (which would get you 4$ net at the end).

Contact the seller, remind him of the promise and show any evidence you have that you referred this friend, and that that friend ordered a Gig over 10$ worth from him.

But it does sound fishy so there is a chance he will never give that.

If so, contact Customer Support if you have any evidence you were promised something and didn’t get it. They will not give anything, but they may stop that buyer’s account for fishy business.

Once again, to be sure: I think Fiverr didn’t offer it, but that first seller you bought from. Fiverr likely cannot help you.


Reply to @laughingcrow: So to be short, order 2 gigs and get 1 for free?


Reply to @arty182925: Best as I can figure, what happened was:

Oramitor made an order with a seller who said “if you send a friend to Fiverr, and they order over 10$, you will get 5$”. I can’t tell if this was some Fiverr promotion (I’ve been here for only a month) or the seller’s.

So yes, it’s probably a free Gig worth.


Reply to @laughingcrow: I guess you are right. There isnt any promotion like that with fiverr, so it must be some seller said that to him.


It wasnt the seller! it was Fiverr… what didnt you guys understand?

I also sent to Fiverr support a question about it and they didnt replay to me.


Reply to @oramitor:

Don’t you think it’s strange that no other user in the history of Fiverr has been offered “$5 if you refer a friend who makes a $10 order”? If you received that offer then there will be some mention of that offer on the Fiverr support/help page. If you find that info your read from Fiverr, please screen shot it.

Otherwise why haven’t you asked customer support? I mean if it’s truly legitimate then they would know what you are talking about right?

I would wager that you are either confused about what site told you that or that you misread Fiverrs words.


Reply to @oramitor: people do understand what you are saying. What everyone else is conveying is Fiverr doesn’t nor has it ever offered such a service. You can screenshot what you saw and prove us all wrong at anytime.


You guys are COMPLETELY missing the point of what the OP is saying. Fiverr DOES have a referral program in place to reward those who recommend their friends. It usually pops up when you review a purchased gig saying something like, "Loved what you received? Share it with your friends and receive $5 when your friend spends $10."

I’ve personally seen it a number of times (as a buyer). It may be country-specific, but it definitely exists.

In regards to not receiving the bonus, @oramitor , you need to contact fiverr customer support who may be able to manually credit it.


Reply to @celticmoon: I hate to disagree with you, but fiverr DOES have an affiliate program in place that pays up to $18 per recognised lead. You can find it here:

However, the buyer is referring to an in-house promotion that fiverr displays after (positively) reviewing an order. See my post at the bottom of this page.

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Hello Friends,

Affiliate marketing is not new topic for all of us.

I wan’t to tell one surprising think to you.

I got 5$ from Fiverr to share their latest commercial video on my twitter wall.

I didn’t know this affiliate program from Fiverr. I just share it for my friends not for affiliate. But surprising I got 5$ even though I did not sign up for affiliate program.

Now tell me friends. When can I redeem that amount into Paypal. My Paypal button is disable to click.