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Friend 5$ that i should get after he buy with over 10$


Reply to @seemasable:

How Does the Payment System Work:

However, you may not be able to withdraw the $5 you got for posting the Fiverr commercial because it’s probably a credit that can only be used to make a purchase on Fiverr.

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Reply to @mrproofreading: Thanks~ I honestly thought otherwise, and it’s good to learn new things. I “lost” this thread…okay, I just forgot where it was! I’m glad to have the chance to say thank you for the information~!


What are you talking about yeah it is exacly what this guy is saying bro if your friend spended 10$ just wait to be cleared an you will have your 5$ dont wory.And for all other people that dont know you have a invite a friend tab.

Give your friends a free Gig.

Earn a reward for each friend you invite.

When you invite your friends they get a free Gig. You’ll get $5 when they spend $10.

Have a nice day everyone


@laughingcrow can I buy a gig and sell a gig to the same friend ? U know like exchange offer .


I got the same offer and I never received 5 dollars. It was from the fiverr website.