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Friend Scammed by a Seller


I’m typing this for my friend whose been scammed. My friend bought a game, and the seller promised it to be 100% custom. The order was delivered super fast, in less than a day within being bought. Now he thought this was suspicious, but he was overall happy with the game design.

He posted it on his website and it was overall enjoyed by the users, but I found out it was a copy. I found the exact same game on a site called Free Online Games. We later found out that their watermark was in the game. (on things like scenery, NPCS, etc.)

The only thing that was “custom” was that the seller changed the head of the character, which is NOT worth $40. So my friend filed a dispute with Paypal and Fiverr says he was refunded, which he was not, and now his account is temporarily restricted. I have proof if needed. Please, me and my friend need help, as I loaned him a couple bucks to pay for this also. Thank you for reading. :slight_smile:


Good morning. Anyone else? :slight_smile: BTW, right photo still won’t upload… :confused:


Sorry if this is wrong place BTW. Any help is needed, thanks


Thank you kjblynx, he has sent a message to Customer Support. So no chance of seeing the money back? :confused: Here’s some comparison BTW…


Ignore that last post… the image glitched and posted 3 times, and that’s the wrong image, and this forum won’t let me upload the one I wanted to originally. sorry. :confused: Anyways, still exact copies.