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Friendly Buers Vs Tough Buyers


How to identify a friendly buyers and tough buyers ? looking for professional answers to create a topic to new comers. :smiley: otherwise they’ll get bad reviews even on their first order and puffff


Yes, there should be feedback & rating for the buyer as well. Here we see only seller has feedback & rating. So, seller does not get idea about the buyer…


Sure they do – and can. It’s called, “communication”. A seller who takes the time to communicate with his/her buyer can learn a great deal about them.


Friendly buyers (who are incidentally always the best buyers) insert snippets of their life into messages and communicate with the same ease as two people who don’t know other chatting on a train to somewhere exciting.

They tell you what they want, what they need it for and as well as extra info which they think might be useful, they say things like, "Oh, and I’ll be away until Wednesday working off-site with another one of our designers but do reach out if you need any more info."

They’re just nice, normal people. The only problem is they’re also critically enfangered :frowning:


You identify them once you talk with them.

Some general rules apply such as - never accept an order before you are fully confident, be nice and other person will be nice to you.

In a recent incident, one of my buyer was requesting revisions - just to send a message! He requested revisions each time he sent a message, so the revisions went over 20.

I asked him why he is giving revisions instead of using the chat? I informed him that too much revisions would make the order in late status, and affect my profile negatively.

He informed me that chat was not working on his device, with a screenshot.

The outcome - another five star review from him for my work!

So before assuming anything, or doubting anybody’s intents, ask clear questions and why someone’s actions are not good and explain what effects they might occur on your fiverr profile.