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Friendly or professional ? How should we be, with our buyers?


Recently I got a buyer, I completed the gig but decided to surprise him by doing an extra gig for free. I did something which he didn’t like, i offered revisions but at the end he told me to cancel the order or he will write a negative review. So i cancelled the order and did the work(6hrs) for free. Disappointing start for me.
Well Friendly didn’t work for me. So i will keep all the interactions: professional.


Find a balance between friendy and professianal. Although I think the problem was not your attitude but the buyers. If you have done the work but he is still threatening you with a negative review you can report them at costumer support. It is hard to deal with these situations when you are a newbie and want to get excellent reviews. Before I reached level 2 I just cancelled in these situations and moved on to the next order.


No do not be friendly, be professional at all times. You are a business person so act like it.


Its can be vary to vary for every buyer . Some buyers are very friendly, corporative and some are very conservative mind .To be honest , in my experience i never find a buyer who threats me for a negative review, Communication should be so much strong .May be i am lucky i don’t know so always use polite , professional communication with your buyers .


I definitely agree that finding a balance is the way to go. In general, I would err towards being more professional, especially at first. When you get repeat business from customers, you’ll find they become friendlier and then I think it’s nice to match their friendliness as long as it’s appropriate.

But again, keep it professional-- even in the face of unprofessional buyers.


How about this - 100% professional with work you do, deadlines, etc .
100% friendly when communicating with customer (during and after) + a reasonable amount of flexibility, generosity.
Regarding going the extra mile, it’s up to you. Personally I am happy to do this for clients who I see are serious and not stingy or manipulative / repeat customers / customers who are neither stingy nor manipulative, but are simply not doing too well financially.
:slight_smile: Hugs, May


I have never had unprofessional buyers who threaten me with negative reviews or anything like that. I guess its because most of my clients work in corporate and they are generally nice and professional.

In my opinion, I would not have offered a gig for free at all. Yes, its nice but it isn’t really worth your time doing it as you’re not being paid for it at all. But operate however you like, this is just my opinion. If you are going to give incentives, why not add an extra revision for free or allow for a free gig extra or deduct $5 off the order.


I have experience many times, like this kind of issue. buyers do order at gig, they do take many times revision, after they do say " job is final and deliver final all file" when i had delivered everything. buyer do give negative review and Rating feedback message was totally lie. And most amazing thing , when i had contacted to cs about this - cs said - we need buyer clear consent for removal feedback.


Act like a machine. Professional is the word.


Be Professional for first time And friendly for recurring ones😀


Being professional commands respect.


A friend is someone who gives you 5-stars and then orders again. A new client is never a friend. He or she should always be handled with care.

That doesn’t mean you can’t do a free extra for them. Sometimes I like the project and feel like doing extra work. When you do that, make sure you tell them when you deliver.

However, that doesn’t mean they will always be grateful. Let me show you a review I got:

"Delivers 9 brand names instead of 5. Unfortunately, the names proposed were weak and stereotypical. Would recommend for a commodity like business but not for something that has more character.

That pirate gave me 3.5 stars. I thought I was doing her a favor, giving her more than what she paid for, showing her that I care. The good news is most buyers will be grateful for the extra work. So whether you do it or not, is up to you.


That’s horrible. I hope it wasn’t for $5? The $5 buyers are the ones who do this usually and if you charge more that eliminates the mean cheap ones who leave reviews like that. That’s the reason I charge more.

I’ve had repeat good buyers ask for discounts and turned them down and remained professional completely with them and it pays off. They respect me. They understand.


Thank you for your comment, I guess it depends according to the buyer. So will start professionally then if s/he Rehires me then i can be friendly :smiley:


I read your forum post, so i decided to deliver more. First i have to assess the buyers mentality and then choose the conversation style.


Point taken


Yeah lost 5-6 hours, well counts as experience.


Professional it is then :smiley:


I thought i was the only one with this issue. Most of the buyers are not like that i guess. So will wait for the 2nd buyer and do the right thing.


Be a professional man.