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Friendly or Professional?

Hi there!

Do Buyers appreciate Sellers being ‘Friendly’ or ‘Professional’?

In other words, as Sellers, do you communicate with Buyers in a friendly tone with exclamatory marks(!!) and smilies (:slight_smile::smirk: ) or in a more serious, succinct but a professional manner?

Which way is appreciated here on Fiverr? I’m sure it depends upon the situation… but curious what others think.



Serious and professional every time.

And friendly on the forum! :slight_smile: :joy:


In my case it depends on the buyer, how they write, what their attitude appears to be, their use of emoticons or lack thereof, the way they greet me or don’t greet me, their nickname (whether it’s funny, cryptic, real name, etc.)

Using all the above factors, I use either a professional or a friendly tone (or a mix of both) based on how I feel the buyer indirectly expects of me.

I know, I may be giving this too much thought for each of my clients, but it works miracles when you detect or sense the preferred expected tone of the buyer - it’s one of those little things that can turn a good experience into a great one, or make a buyer become a regular or a big tipper :wink:

P.S. whenever I can’t sense anything from the buyer’s side in regards to this, I use a professional tone as a fallback solution


I do exactly what you stated so very clearly. :wink:

Additionally, you can view their profile and see what they’ve written as their profile description and an image.

I use everything I have to determine what kind of buyer they are.


I actually use both. :grin: I know it sounds odd, but for example. I am naturally a bubbly kind of person, and I write Children’s books here :book: . When people are looking for that specific type of work I tend to add excitement and smiles because I want to reassure them they can feel comfortable working with me as their children’s book writer. When it comes to other more professional works I tend to write in a more serious tone. :slight_smile: Id say at least for me it depends on the client too.


In simple world of freelancing there should not be a dilemma, one has to be “Professional” without a choice… but on Fiverr? Here were are doing GIGS instead of offering a SERVICE, don’t we?:wink: There is an air of informality about this marketplace and is visited by professionals & hobbyist people alike. So, I asked.

I agree with you people: It’s depends on how a Buyer approaches and communicates with you… and it’s just better to be professional if you can’t decide.

More importantly: Weather we communicate in a friendly or a professional manner, it’s important to respond politely and actually listen to what the Buyer was asking.


I make an assumption with there very first message either the buyer is frank or serious and i proceed with their tone.

Be Flexible.


Also if they call you goofy or woody. :joy:


Those who call me Woody make no exception to the rule. But those who call me Goofy, well, that’s a whole new story, and thus I cannot speak of the unspeakable, for it shall remain not spoken.


How do you listen and talk to “that” buyer who threatens you to leave e negative (and uses bad language) if you don’t give them the extra stuff they are asking for free? :smiley:

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It sure sounds like you have stories to tell :slight_smile:

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Oh the stories I’ve collected in the past 7 years with over 10K buyer experiences… I should have thought of making a book. But who would have bought a ranting book? :smiley:


Nowadays there seems to be a market for everything :slight_smile:

“Ranting with Woody”… er I mean Goofy… er… you get my drift :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



In the beginning, I communicate in a very professional tone.

But if they are being friendly, I switch to my super friendly mode. :joy::sweat_smile:

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It all varies on the Buyer and how they express themselves––some Buyer’s are all business, no play. On the other hand, I have buyers who are fun and playful when it comes to their messages.

Just treat each situation as if you would when meeting someone new in person, if they’re being more laid back don’t keep your self buttoned up in an effort to “act professional” for the sake of your service. A lot of people (myself included) don’t want to work with someone they can’t connect to on some level.

Imagine working with a coworker who is literally so serious that they don’t even laugh with you, you wouldn’t like working them. Compare this to other coworkers you could work with, but also laugh with along the way. You want to work with those you can connect with! Hope that make sense. :blush:


to me friendly and professionally works adjacently. cracking jokes with buyers isn’t only the way of behaving friendly with them but giving them a friendly environment makes the workflow easier and smooth or at least it works in my line of field :slight_smile:

friendly and ask for tip :grin:

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Please don’t use exclamation marks and above all NEVER use more than one!!!
It looks childish and screams “I’m an idiot”.

Do not be friendly. This is not a place or situation where we are looking for friends.

Be professional at all times.


Why do you ask them for a tip? Does that even work without upsetting the buyers? If I buy something, I would definitely not like it for a seller to explicitly ask for a tip - that’s something the buyer decides to give, to take the seller by surprise.

If the seller asks for a tip, and the buyer grants them one, it’ll be less of a surprise…


No hearts left @Woofy31 - here you go :green_heart:

And one for @misscrystal too :purple_heart: