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Friendly plea to new sellers posting on the forum

I’ve been a reasonably successful seller with Fiverr for seven years and in that time I’ve experienced the common highs and lows that most longterm sellers go through. You know… getting that one big order that’s temporarily made you rich (well, rich enough to be able to pay the bills that month), as well as encountering the buyer from hell who is threatening your very future on Fiverr.

I say all that because I’ve gathered a lot of experience, and it’s nice to be able to share some of that experience here on the forums to hopefully benefit newer and less experienced sellers. The forum has helped me with many ideas over the years (thank you everyone), and so it’s good to give something back. Share the love and all that.

However, it irrationally concerns me that several times a day, and repeatedly day after day, we see posts in the forums along the lines of “How do I get an order?” or “I’m a new seller, what do I do?”.

Not only does this communicate that you’re not prepared to carry out basic research for yourself in order to learn, but that you haven’t bothered to read through other posts from the past 24 hours (where you will find several just like yours) or to search the forums for similar posts and answers. It’s a bit disrespectful and makes you look silly.

There are loads of really experienced Fiverr sellers who want to help, but sometimes you really do have to help yourself first.


Those who need this advice the most are precisely those who can’t or won’t take it. I call it the Meksell catch-22.


Absolutely. I can’t agree more, which is why I posted this in The Ranting Pot!

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I hate to say it but many of the people who post those topics want people to do the work for them. I come here to get people’s opinion, not have them do my work


I wonder how many who start out asking how do I get an order, or what do I do, actually go on to have successful gigs and a long term business on fiverr.

It seems that if you have a marketable skill you wouldn’t need to ask how to get an order.