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Friends account banned?

my friend got banned on his first account and support said that after 90 days he will be able to withdraw funds…(like 1000$)

-so like 10 days later after ban he made another fiver account and that account also got banned like 2 days ago and again he got message saying that after 90 days he will be able to withdraw funds (here was around 250$ to withdraw)

-so the question is will he get his money for both accounts?


I believe he will eventually get his money, but your friend making the second account
was a mistake. Did he/she contact CS before making the new account?
If your friend keeps making new accounts, it will only get banned I believe.
Plus the account got banned for a reason, he/she might want to read the TOS carefully.


CS have told him the reason why he was banned the first time however when he created a new account to continue the service, this time adhering to the TOS, he got banned again and all he is being told is “suspicious activity”.
If you get banned, can you not use fiverr again at all?
Will he definitely be able to get all his money that he earned?

Your Friend should consult with fiverr cs to make any new account…
If same paypal or bank use to withdraw money from both account then fiverr cs can give the solution…

Yes, He will get the money

Sure he can get all fund if fund clearance

  • Violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service and/or our Community Standards may get your account disabled permanently.

  • Users with disabled accounts will not be able to sell or buy on Fiverr.

Sellers will be able to withdraw their revenues from disabled accounts after a safety period of 90 days following full verification of ownership of the account in question, from the day of the last cleared payment received in their account and subject to Fiverr’s approval.

The above is from the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.

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A ban is permanent. What is the point of having rules and banning people if they can later return.

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What would be the point of a ban if you were allowed to simply create another account and start selling again?

If your friend created a new account without permission from Customer Support, he has violated the rules again.

That depends on Customer Support and their decision. If he earned money by doing something forbidden, he might not be allowed to withdraw it.