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Friends cannot find my gig or name on Fiverr

Hi Fiverr Forum!

I am a new seller and have made two Gigs, my problem is when I ask people to look for me especially my Written Product / Service Review Gig, no one can find me! When they search Sharonleevoice or Sharon etc I do not show up at all. I don’t even exist!

I am online nearly always :neutral_face:

Dear Sharon:

Why not give them the direct link to your profile page?

From what I can see, your key words are not very distinctive.

Good luck,


Hi Sharon, welcome to Fiverr community!

I see you are very new here… Give the system some time to index you and get your gigs some indexing.
I’m sure everything will be fine in couple days.

Also make sure you read Terms of Service and not break any rules in your search for success here.

Best of luck!


Thanks for the reply’s!

Blaise the direct link works fine, so that is not a problem, but without the link if they want to look me up by name they could not find me and then if they tried to find my gig it wasn’t there, so was wondering where I was.

Spark4hope no doubt has nailed it, hopefully I am still so new I am not indexed yet… so will wait a few days


Like what spark4hope said, give it a few days, possibly a week and see if it all shows up. If not, there’s always the Fiverr customer service who’ve always sorted issues I’ve had in around 24 hours. Good luck with your gig!

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Yeah, be patient. Everything will be fine :slight_smile: Have a wonderful journey :slight_smile: