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Friends is this possible?

I know of someone who works here on feverr, he earns over 1000$ on fiverr, I was astonished, how is that possible friends?

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Hard work pays off :slight_smile:

Hard work?, are you sure it’s hard work?

What an odd question.


Well, it sure isn’t luck! :sunny:


There are probably hundreds of sellers making $1000/month.
Why are you so surprised?


1000k per month?, can anyone help me out, am new here

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Start with Fiverr Academy and continue reading posts in this forum.
It’s not rocket science. It just takes time and effort.

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Thanks much buddy, I will try that

Do you know that person personally or fiverrilly? 1000$ there are people who have bought cars, houses and much more and all within several months and when I say several I mean less than 6 months. that would mean they were racking in 1k+. I was checking out a gig lately it had 52 orders in queue the basic price for this gig was 350$ and the delivery was 5 days. I know the gig won’t actually take 5 days it will take less time but due to reversion you give a later date. If this seller manages to finish all gigs in one month they will have $$$$$$$$ in their pocket

Is there anything specific knowledge one have to gain before acquiring more buyers?

People always ask for more buyers, the one thing they never think about is if they can meet the demand.


May be they got lucky to get a loyal client