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Friends Life Conditions and feelings:

Hi, Friends Haw are you Feeling Today?

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What do you mean by “friends life conditions and feelings” in your title?


I feel like roadkill. Thank you for asking. :skull_and_crossbones:


I feel . . . . . sad :sob:
What about you?

I feel wonderful. When you are as old as I am :older_woman: and wake up alive, it is a good day! :wink:


I am happy but why you have gated sad?

Just want to ask my friends life going conditions and situations, Regards!

Out of curiosity, do your personal friends (people you know in person, outside of Fiverr, and consider friends) work on Fiverr and you’re choosing to address them this way, or are you calling random strangers who happen to buy/sell on Fiverr friends?

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I’m feeling perplexed. I wake up with two orders, I don’t deliver them because they’re due on the 23 (today’s the 20th). I get no more orders!

Is it a conspiracy? Must I deliver to get more orders? Must I work everyday? I don’t get it.


I am feeling cool but you

Thank you for asking.
because I have a fever :face_with_thermometer:

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I am good, thanks Mr.shimrahmoni

I think I’m feeling pretty fine.
I have to work this weekend, but I’m going out to dinner with my
“The Walking Dead binge watch” group of friends after work on Sunday, so it’s all good.
I have something to look forward to!

We’re gonna be be devouring BBQ meat while talking about a show
where people get eaten, I know, it’s sick :stuck_out_tongue:

As for Fiverr related stuff, I just got an order from a repeating client, so that was nice too.

Y’all have a nice weekend!


My son took us out for dinner on our anniversary . I had the best BBQ brisket. It melted in my mouth and the taste was delicious!

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Why did I read this on a Saturday morning, right before starting work…

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