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Friends please let me know how do you manage your alerts while sleeping?

I belongs from Asia and I have the majority of clients from USA. I get most of the Alerts from them at night time and especially when I am in deep sleep. I am afraid I may not loose my Response rate. Please share your story as well. I would like to know any proper solution to manage it. Thanks

Nothing. Sleep is sleep!

Your response rate % is only visible to you, and reasonable buyers will not expect you to be up 24/7 to answer ever query when you’re halfway across the world to them.

Thank you emmaki, But sometimes when you dont respond in time, You may lose the buyer. What do you say about this?

You win some you lose some. However, if you’re really committed to digging yourself an early grave by giving up sleep in order to respond to your Fiverr messages, there are pills which you can buy (real pharmaceutical ones, not the illegal variety) which can take away your need to sleep completely.

I saw a documentary about a Canadian bloke who took these to be able to work 24/7 and presumably retire early. I’d actually be interested to learn how it worked out for him but this is definitely not something which I would do or recommend myself.

Don’t you start hallucinating after 72 hours or so? I managed something close to that (say 60 hours) once when I was younger, but I was pretty much useless after the 48 hour mark.

No, I know what you are talking about as hallucinating does happen with sleep deprivation. However, these pills the bloke in the documentary I watched simply turned off your brains need to sleep so he always felt awake.

It would be an interesting experience not to have to sleep and be able to do so without caffeine or any other crazy substance but I’m pretty sure that there would be some long-term consequences further down the line.

Besides, just imagine how weird things like hanky panky would be if you couldn’t snuggle and doze off afterwards. Or for that matter how weird it would be living with someone who was always permanently wide awake. I think I’d lose sleep myself wondering when the moment was going to come when my insane Fiverr addict lover finally snapped in the dead of night and bludgeoned me to death with a wireless keyboard.

Your insane Fiverr addict lover could be put to good use and take care of those messages while you’re slacking off. You could then start up a Fiverr service: “I will 24/7 answer your late night/early morning random messages from buyers for you”.

Perhaps lock the bedroom door before sleeping to keep that bludgeoning at bay…

You’re not going the lose the buyer if you respond a few hours later. If you need to sleep, sleep. Take care of yourself first. Your health is more important than your work. You can easily respond to all messages when you wake up.

How crazy and funny comments I am getting here, Lolz, But its quiet interesting as well. Thanks for sharing your ideas. Looking for more comments. Thanks

I get 95% of my sales at night, after 9 P.M. for unknown reasons. I stay awake until 5 A.M. 7 nights a week.

Yeah, some buyers really want instant replies. But I’d rather really have sleep than waste my health on a buyer who couldn’t wait for a few hours for a reply. Usually those buyers who need a reply right away are those – who are looking for the cheapest price for the job they want done or they’re really in a hurry.

What time do you usually sleep and for how long? :o

I sleep from 5 A.M. to noon.

When I’m sleeping, I’m sleeping. If a buyer must get an answer or something done rightthisinstantOMGrightnow, I’m not a good match for them anyway.

See that’s what I am talking about. Best Wishes keep it up.

Well same here for me. All you need to do is change your time zone mentally. Sleep more when you are less busy. So you can be prepared to get on with your late night customers

Like seriously I agree with Jonbass, your health comes first before anything else. Your royal customers will always wait for you, trust me.

I live in GMT (Ireland) and most of my work comes from business people in central and Eastern Europe (2-3 hours ahead of GMT) and the Americas (5-8 hours behind GMT).
I generally work from 1pm - 5pm and 9pm - 1 or 2 am and check my messages every hour from midday til I finish for the night.
This allows me to be available to both time zones when they are most likely to be online. When I sleep, I sleep.