Friends please tell me about the levels and how they are useful?


Well I have completed my first 10 gigs successfully but still I am not on the first level, why ?


Why not head over to the levels page and see what they are all about :slight_smile:

Bye for now



thanks friend


No problem :sunglasses:


I’m only guessing it is because only 7 of them gave a thumbs up and I think it needs to be 10 thumbs up. Not sure though I could be mistaken on that factor. If anything just give it a day and see if it fixes itself.


You have not yet received your level 1 badge as you have only been here for 25 days in 5 or so days time it should come automatically if you meet the levels criteria. Which is 10 completed orders with positive rating etc.


You need more gigs delivered and more positive ratings, and you need to be a member for 30 days.


but my rating is already 100 %, so according to the levels its enough. Its just the no. of days I think.


Reply to @ajits733: indeed you are correct wont be long till you see a big number 1 badge !