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FRIENDS series and my MOODSWINGS :)

During this pandemic i had tsunamis of mood swings…
I fight with myself just to complete each day.
All my plans went wrong. I did not get sleep and had a improper food pattern and many other issues…
That time i happened to see some short videos of FRIENDS in Instagram and i started to watch it
Whenever i feel low or facing a deep emotional problem if being alone i began to watch episode. :slight_smile:
:innocent: :innocent:
I really suggest you all to watch friends whenever you had a bad day
you will get 6 friends with values as well as full moreover life seems to be simple every time when i watch it
because sometimes life is not about money fame or anything in this world but our peace of mind :upside_down_face:
so I recommend my friends to watch FRIENDS SERIES whenever you are having a bad :love_you_gesture: :love_letter: :heart: :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Have a nice day :slight_smile:



In this time of despair people could use more realistic approach to life.


I have not been able to sit through more than 5 minutes of that show. I find all the characters terribly boring. But I’m glad you have something you enjoy doing at this time. I do find Seinfeld funny and have even watched some reruns of that.


Nice conversation topic!

Watching TV series in times of hardship is always a great idea :slight_smile: I really think so.

Here are some my favourite Feel-good TV shows that I watch to cheer myself up:

  • The Big Bang Theory

  • Miranda

  • Gavin & Stacey

Unfortunately I can’t watch them now because they are not available on Netflix Italy.


thank you for you suggestion :innocent:

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Story of my life. It’s all the time improper food pattern of burgers and pizzas.

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dude i would really a recomend broklyn nine-nine, was a real nice show and at times you just cant stop laughing