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Frog in the pond...ahm..i mean well :)

And one more great experience in a row…So, I was talking to this great seller(Oops…I mean buyer). We had a short conversation and I asked him to share his script with me. I left my workplace for a while which made me a “Stupid and dumb” person. Check attached screenshot.

Just like every other person on earth…sellers on fiverr also have a personal life. I know…sounds weird but its true. This person left me wondering…who is “Frog in the well”?

lol, interesting things are happening with you these days

Yeah :slight_smile: And what you saw is just trailer!

Gah, so much for statistics (just coming from reading your other rant). Let it roll off your shoulders, keep smiling :slight_smile:
(And tell yourself that the universe for sure does balance those two with two awesome people or something. Also, the universe now owes you encounters with those two! Good days ahead.)

Not very upset with this one. This guy is unbelievable. After all this…he sent more messages. And kept on asking me if I am interested in his offer. I mean wow man…you are asking me if I am interested after calling me “dumb and stupid”

And there are many more messages after these. Insane! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for that thrill :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh my. What kind of a rock do these people live under? Or in what well? This gave me a good laugh. Thanks for sharing!

lol :smiley:

Fiverr buyers never have regard for personal lives.

Numerous times, I have been told I work to their schedule and not mine. So, if I am not awake at 3am to answer their questions, that is my problem. I have been sick in hospital “you deserve to die” etc.

True that.

A lot of buyers have no regard at all for the Seller. I also hate how they think messaging us on the app is like texting their friends.

So, how much would it be for this?
u there?
are you online now?

You won’t believe how many people we’ve told in the past 2 days to stop treating the messaging system like a text and that we have lives and aren’t on 24/7. What’s their response?

“Oh. OK. I didn’t know that.”

Really? So, what are we? Robots?