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From $0 to $1k in 1 month

Yes, this is true, and it is my personal experience here.
I would like to share with you my success and my strategies in order to let you improve your personal Gig and increase your revenues.

If you are new on Fiverr and you want to sell fast, follow these strategies:

1) Setup your profile: write clearly who you are, what you provide and what is your advantage. Why should other people choose you instead of your competitors?
2) Put your face: instead of uploading abstract images to your profile image, upload your face. People want to see with whom they will work, and being on the internet it’s hard, so facilitate this process!
3) Create your first Gig: In creating your first Gig, make a great impression writing an intuitive description, highlighting your strengths, advantages (write in bold what you want to be directly seen by your potential customers). Write FAQ, think at possible questions that clients could make, and anticipate them! Create an impressive image for your Gig (use Powerpoint, Photoshop or
4) Be online: People can contact you at any time, you can’t lose the opportunity of a new order. Download the app on your smartphone, start finding new customers on “Buyer Requests” section and reply fast to questions.
5) First orders: You got first orders, it’s now the time to work hard and to show your professionalism. If you have questions, contact your buyer and show what you have in mind. Don’t be shy, asking things creates a good impression to your client.
6) Be kind: If your client rejects the first delivery, be kind and try to understand what s/he wants to upgrade. Do what you can do, but respect your work!
7) Remind to rate the experience: It is fundamental that your client rates you. Remind her to do that once you delivered the order, or if you can deliver a page indicating what are the steps to rate the experience on Fiverr (this was my strategy).
8) Automate: You earned trust, and you are growing fast. A lot of people contacted you, how to manage that? Create easy replies to generic questions. In this way, you just need to copy and past the replies. You will be very fast and the client will be very happy!

Hope that these strategies help you a lot in the future, and if you need advice, just contact me or reply here, I’ll be more than happy to help you with your situation. Remind: if you grow, Fiverr grows, I grow, and we all earn more money!

I wish you all good luck!!

Here my profile for tips:


Thanks for sharing with us such useful strategies:innocent:

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Thanks for the information please can you tel me some thing about id verification.

Thank you sharing the information’s.

Sure, do you mean profile/account verification? You will receive an e-mail to verify your account and a text message on your smartphone. Did you have problems?

Yes. I got account restriction. I dont know why i got restriction please help me…

Thank you!

I found your article very informative and valueble whilst getting a great idea.

Hope to see your around - Michael

Not profile verification its id verification nd naw i got restricted by trust and safty team.

Thank you for your strategies

Try to contact the contact center, and provide the information that they require.

Thank you so much for sharing this :smile: Is very helpful

Thank you all for having been inspired by this topic, I’ll create others in the near future! Hope you will follow my suggestions.

Hi, can your gig help to improve my own gig or is your gigs only for normal businesses?

Yes I could help improving your Gigs, please contact me through here:

Wow great :slight_smile:
You are my inspiration
Thank you for great tips :slight_smile: