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From 0$ To 500$ In 14 Days

Whats up Fiverrs?

I will share you my tricks on how I got to level One in 14 days and made 500$ on fiverr.

Here are 11 tips on how to sell successfully on Fiverr:

  • Focus on the demand (check other sellers if they have over 20+ orders in queue that means there is a demand for that service)
  • Always put the customer first (ask questions, find solutions to their issues, be kind and polite)
  • Over deliver your gig (add a bonus or a free product when you deliver gig)
  • Always have 1 or more order in your sale queue (70% of people buy when they have sales in queue already)
  • People are visual (Have great quality images on your gig description)
  • Again People are visual make sure to add a video (Introducing yourself on video results in 10% higher conversions)
  • Have a great UNIQUE title (be original & catchy)
  • Get a short but detailed description (dont make people bored)
  • Have samples in your gig pictures
  • Always ask sellers to review your order (95% of people buy because of reviews)
  • Use the extras to your advantage (add something that will help your customer but that is fast for you ex: send you psd file of banner 5$ extra)

    If you get all this right your seller level will increase and you will become a powerseller in no time

    Hope you take advantage of these tips

    Share your story here also



I agree 100% with your suggestions on how to be a successful seller. I am a buyer on Fiverr and that is what I look for while scanning gigs for someone to do a job for me. I will also suggest sellers should personalize their descriptions to the new and uninformed buyer. A business owner may know they need a web site that attracts hits but that is all. If sellers gig descriptions says “we specialize in new start ups and explaining to you what is a SEO and why you need it “you will get hits. Hold their hand and you will hold their money.

Reply to @jonata101: Fantastic perspective! Thanks!