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From 13-15 sales/week to No sales for 10 days

I use to get 13-15 orders per week and had 2-5 buyers contacting me per day.

No i not getting any order? or even a message from buyers?
I haven’t received a single order in 10 days.

I am trying my best and doing SEO, Updating my description, Tags and also using ad campaign.
Also in fiverr search, my main gig (Resume category) don’t appear…!

Any thing am i missing. Really Frustrated i use to earn more than $600 per month. This month is as low as $100.

Please help me. Looking forward to your tips and suggestions

You are better of man, I used to get 30 orders each day. Now I get around 60 orders a month.

You should be careful about updating your gigs to regularly. You could be making changes that are negatively impacting your business because you’re not waiting to see the effect of those changes.

Have you tried putting your gig back to the way it was when you had consistent orders?

It’s called a summer season. A lot of buyers are on vacation now. But I don’t understand how you earn just $100 in this month. Because you are a seller 2. I’m seller 1 and earn in this month more than $100 because I send custom orders to buyers EVERYday. But I agree with you that in this month buyers don’t buy directly through the gig. I received all my orders in this month from Buyer request section.

Never change your Title just try different version :slight_smile:

Thanks. You pointed a good thing out. I am really updating my stuff rapidly. At the same time, i have lowered my prices as well. The strategy i previously used to keep the order control by keeping it high in prices~~~

Well, I thought i’ll be having more orders in summer. May be i was wrong.
Thanks for sharing your experience.
I think i should focus on adding more into my portfolio and trying/kick off other sources