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From 13 Orders in Queue to 2 orders or 3 max IQ

What happend ?

from a time i was like having 11 orders and more and whenever i was about to finish projects i was having more and more , but now i’m surprised the maximum orders 2 !!

Any Tips !

Update your gigs every so often: change the wording, add more samples, put a video on there. You should see changes! Good luck with everything!

Thank you for reply , :frowning: but Already evryth is in best update … but here i am waiting … i changed even the keywords tags to fresh it up

Thank you

My orders have gone way down too. One thing to remember is that August is big vacation/holiday month.

3 max IQ? There may be a job at the circus for you yet…

World’s lowest IQ.

Hi, You might be right. During August, It seems more HOLIDAYS.

Hey brother :smiley: yeah that what i thaught too !! Thank you very much !!

lol well i meant by IQ (In Queue , we are in fiverr and im waiting you to be smart as well )

No worries khoya :wink:
It’s August.

The same happened to me, from 20 orders to 0 orders.
Its been more than six months yet the situation is still the same.
Am just been too curious the way fiverr system rank gig,think there should be some kind of rotation or something,to give sellers fair treatment.
I have done all modification that ever came to my mind,yet no show.

It’s happened to lots of us. No one has the answer about why. It looks to me like those with the least reviews are at the top now.

It’s a tough gig here… get it?! If all else fails…

Yes, interesting… I’ve noticed some lower reviewed/sub 5* reviews getting ranked higher lately in my category, even below TRS sometimes… not sure why.

Lah y7afdeek Khouya simo :wink:

Bonne chance akhi :wink:

Add traffic from social media to your gigs. It’s known that gigs that are promoted to get traffic from main social media websites (twitter, facebook, reddit, linkedin, etc) are starting to get new customers (maybe not 10 order per day, maybe not one order per day, but slowly you’ll start getting orders).

So, daily share your gigs on main social media websites (not via empty/fresh social accounts, with no followers or with 10 followers). After days or weeks you’ll start to get orders…

I agree last August was pretty poor as well. I have been online with website and other stuff for 15 years, summer has always been unpredictable.

You may edit your gig by changing your gig pictures and titles.

Changing the tags may help.