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From 1st page to nowhere: What happened?

Yesterday, I edited my gigs descriptions a little bit, and now they’re not showing up in the search. My gigs have been ranking on the 1st or 2nd page for the last two months.
Yesterday, I added into the descriptions that from now on, for every article I write, I’ll provide my clients with Turnitin report as well. I’ve been updating my gigs in the past but never faced such a problem. These were my best performing gigs, and now they are just nowhere in the search pages.
Experienced users, please guide how to get out of this stressful situation?
Thank you.


same here but i changed gig photo…shouldn’t i changed gig image?

In the name of service charges, Fiverr takes 20% on every single penny we make or spend here. And this is what we get in return, an edit and you’re nowhere in the market anymore.
It’s really pathetic!


You are not the first and not the last who has such a problem)). I have it for about a month)). All support calls do not give anything, the answer is one - your gigs shows, everything is fine). Trying to explain with the attached video - the answer is the same. Option one - wait until the site itself corrects somehow, because there is zero sense from support).

When your gigs are performing well - leave them alone!

Every edit takes them out of search for checking. Then they go back into search in a less advantageous place.

Only edit your gigs when they’re not performing well.


Did you get your gigs back? If yes, how long it took to reappear them in search pages?

So coming back in search pages, they are not gonna get their positions back.
Sad to know!
How long will it take them to reappear?

No, I still cannot find it in the search.

I think that your response rate is decreased, increase the response rate by giving active on fivver .Don’t edit the tile when the title is edited our ranking will reduce and it will don,t match to the URL don’t give any changes in the title if the gig is performing well.

My response rate is 100%.

That’s sad.
Fiverr sucks!

It can be frustrating, but try not to stress, technical problems can happen sometimes. I have noticed sometimes updating gigs can hang somewhere in the process, especially when I’m updating a gig video. It shouldn’t take longer than a day. I have been able to get my updates to go through by editing my gig again, and simply re-saving it. I hope that works for you. :slight_smile:

Not that ,the response hrs like 1 hrs,4hrs,7hrs average response rate.

It’s always 1 hour - my response rate.

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It’s been four days now, no signs of my gigs in search pages. Even after applying the filters, I can’t find my gigs. I have tried updating them again, but nothing seems to be working at the moment.

Wait for 24 hours and recheck. Fiverr takes 24 hours to update any changes in your gig.

Try to ascertain the status of your gig by going to this link:

There could be a possibility that your gig is in pending status. If so, contact customer support immediately with screenshots of that pending status page.

You need to realize that Fiverr is getting tons and tons of new sellers due to the pandemic. Because of that, even a seller like me with 14k reviews was pushed in the back and I’ve been there for around 2 months. There is gig rotation, so they will give you some exposure for a day or two on the first page, then you will get back to the end of the pack. Just focus on delivering the best work quality…

Yes, this rotation thing, I can understand.
But when there is a category where including me, only 56 people were providing services, now there are 55 people and my gig isn’t there.
Moreover, I can’t find my gigs using all the filters.
This only indicates that the gigs are not showing up in the search: they are nowhere actually.

It’s been four days now, no signs of my gigs in search pages.