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From 1st page to nowhere: What happened?

I already have contacted customer support and have not received their response yet.
Gigs status is showing they are active.

The elevated response rate hours mean you lack activity.
The figure must be low.


Fiverr sometimes removes sellers automatically and they bring them back. You were unable to find my gigs in the category for months.

I don’t understand the need for removing and bringing sellers back.
Fiverr is a mess!

Then You’ve lost your rankings. It’s happening now a days. When you make changes, Sometimes it does not work as you expected.

Not everyone can have the spotlight? Maybe?

It’s best not to update or change the description or images of your gigs again and again.

Sometimes when you make changes (un-necessarily or the changes which are not required you may lose your rankings)

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Losing rankings is entirely a different thing.
At least you pop up somewhere in search results.

Try using incognito mode in your browser to search for your gig. Make sure you are logged out. If the status of your gig is active, it will show up somewhere in the search results.

I’ve done it; they are nowhere.