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From 200 impressions A day to 0?

Hey everyone,

So my top selling gig that used to get about 200 impressions daily suddenly dropped to 0 and its the 3 day…

Any idea why this is happening?

Which gig? The logo, or the wordpress?

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The logo…

There is 46,000 people offering logo design. Fiverr will promote you as a new gig for a period of time. You may now be out of the new category? If all 46,000 people offering logo design are good, and I’m sure they are, Fiverr has to determine who
’s gig they will show in the search. One way is to rotate gigs. This will usually cause you to spike every few days or weeks. Hang in there. You are going to have to make alot of noise in a large group of sellers.

Try to keep orders in your queue and make deliveries often. This also give Fiverr a reason to put your gig in the front.

Look to outside sales. All the normal, real life people you know - get them to order your gig. This will keep your sales traffic going.

It takes about 100 deliveries on 1 gig to prime that gig. Don’t spread out too thin with a bunch of offers. Focus on getting past the 100 orders on one of your offers.


Did you edited the GIG before getting “0” impression? If so, it will take 24-48hrs.

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Editing the gig is the key. Make sure you edit your gig regularly.

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Yes I edited it recently.

It really won’t affect me since I was getting no orders organically.

Fiverr has stated that they cyclically spin the Gigs promoted at first pages in order to “give everyone (new Sellers) a fair chance” several years ago.

Of course, revisions, cancellations, reviews, delivery time and all other factors, alongside this, influence your Gig ranking as well.

Adapt and overcome.


Is it okay to have one revision request in 12 orders?

Actually I mean does it affect a lot?

“revision request” doesn’t effect anything.

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