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From 2018 i think very hard to survive here for new freelancers

Hello guys,
I am new on FIVERR.

I just know about this forum. this is look interesting platform to expose your thoughts, your experience, & many other things. and have a chance to read others experience.

as above mentioned that i am new fiverr. i was just joined on july last week, 2019.
and i was understand the working system of fiverr.
I am also created my first gig, time moves on was created more gigs.
I was regularly updates my gigs, but unfortunately still i got zero results.

According to me from last year there is too much competitions.
Very hard to survive here for new freelancers.:unamused:
But still we are trying in hope to getting the first order.



try try try again. once day you will success.
success need some struggle.
be strong and don,t leave this plate forum .


thanks @ayeshamalik100 for your greeting & blessings…! :blush:
I know the power the patience…
But as usual we don’t know the what is limit of a patience for us.:face_with_head_bandage:

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send buyer requests properly and offer low budget to the clients .


Ya i am regularly sents the buyer request & also keep the very low price on my gig.

Freelancing and entrepreneurship in general is not for the faint-hearted. It is for those who are willing to give their all and stick to it no matter what. There are thousands of articles, posts, tips and advice scattered all over the forum that can help you improve your gigs and get orders coming in. You must be willing to put in the work before success comes in.


Every time you update your gigs you are unsearchable for around 48 hours.

You’ve been here a week and are already complaining.

Perhaps Fiverr isn’t for you.


@personalletters Ya i am regularly update my gigs, even i read all the tips & i implement that…
And you are right that i have been here last 3 weeks & we should not complained about that.
We have to keep patients.
And i think according to me in freelancing industry, there is no website like FIVERR
I am not complaining here, i think it seems like that i am complained…
I just share my thoughts…

Yes, you are right @datwriterguy , i always read the tips and implement on the gigs also…