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From 3000 to 20 impressions a week

Hello fellow sellers! Last month I went on a holiday in Greece. I was absent for a week. I have a lot of gigs, 4 of which are drawing gigs and I boosted their prices due to my inability to bring my big drawing monitor on the trip. As soon as I got back I switched my prices back to normal again and it’s been a month since then, but one of my drawing gigs (the cover art one) is doing really bad. Every gig recovered a week after I turned back the original prices, except the cover art one. Usually it was hitting around 3000 impressions a week, but since I got back, so far fourth week it can’t make more than 20 impressions. I tried to tweak it a bit 2 weeks ago, but that didn’t work as well.

Any advice?

It’s still like this. Anyone?

Good times😆 Forget about impressions and concentrate on promoting your gigs in creative ways.