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From 4.7 to 4.6!1


Hello guys
i don’t know but i got a 2.4 star from a buyer and then i asked why but he isn’t replying
I am really in fear what will gonna happen to my profile
i also got a message that don’t trick our system from fiverr,what is going on i don’t know please see my profile and let me know am i safe because i not wanna lose my account
I love fiverr

Thanks in advance,


A 4.6 does not really affect you at Level 1 or Level 2, but you need to bring it up to 4.7 to achieve and maintain Top Rated Seller Status.


Don’t worry about the rating it happens sometimes. I know it really hurts. But keep your hardwork and try to achieve again 4.7 or maybe above.

Secondly you said that you got message from fiverr. I suggest you to contact Customer Support and ask the reason for this message. And be sorry if accidentally some kind of mistake you made.

Don’t worry Customer Support is very perfect they will help you to solve the problem you are facing.

Thank you!


If you want us to see your profile you need to add the URL to it here on the forum.

Just don’t trick the system and you will be ok.


Ok thanks,but like what you mean by ‘tricking’?
Like what trick the system mean?
What we do then it involves in that we tricked the system?


Awesome really appreciate for your reply🤗


Thank you for replying
I really appreciate.


Thank You my friend ! :blush: